I feel the blackness creeping in

I've got to get away;

These visions flash before my eyes,

it's too late for me to stay.

My love for you was timeless

but never was it returned.

You care nothing for my pain

or the love that you have earned.

I want to be your light

A guide through this dark world.

You were born to be a hero

but not to this lonely girl.

Another heart holds the treasure

that I never will call mine;

Locked away in her chest

until the end of time.

It's time for me to leave

I was never needed here.

You're better off without me

and the love that I hold dear.

I'll wander alone through these halls

until I'm needed elsewhere

I'll pretend there's a soul who wants mine

I'll pretend there's a soul who cares.

I've been on this downward spiral

for much longer than it seems.

Doomed to walk alone forever

and stare at the Angel's feet

They've left me here to rot

on this broken, barren land.

They have their loads to bear

and no time to lend a hand.

I'm not good enough for saving

I've known that from the start.

No one wants the love

of a scarred and jaded heart.