The feeling I would have

Just to hold you

Within my arms

A swift

Kiss on the lips,

Before we leave off

To do what we must

The pure emotion

That would poor from

A single statement.

"I love you."


I cannot do any of the above

But perhaps the last

Until you feel

You are ready.

When will that be?

Will it ever be?

I wish to be yours

And you to be mine.

But until you are ready

I can still show you

My love

With words

And actions

I can wait

It's what I want to do,

You my darling

Are worth

The wait

Whether you believe it

Or not.

Can you believe?

This all started because

Of a small feeling?

A desire,

To make you smile.

It went slow,

But soon enough you could

Simply see,


And a huge grin

Would cross Your,

Pretty little face.

But I made a mistake

I brought pain

Into your heart.

If only you knew

How sorry I am

Have you forgiven me?

Could you ever,


Forgive me?

I hope you could

Because I love you

My beautiful penguin

My dear.

The sun is outshined

By your smile

The beauty of the rain,

Beat by your soul


Of the wind

Outdone by your spirit

When I see you,

Nothing can compare

And I love you

For who you are

Good, and bad

I love you

I just wanted you

To know.