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The Apocalypse That Never Happened

Then the wreckage of the bridge groaned and shook around them. Rocks from the roof fell, as the opening at the top grew wider. Gorgon stepped back to avoid one of the falling pieces of the bridge. The stone of her right arm morphed into a spike as she readied herself for a fight that would never come. The lord of time, however, did not move. The rocks fell around him and he lifted his head to look up at the opening, smiling. He had wondered when they would arrive.

"It's about time you got here." He pointed out. Two large faces came into view through the opening. Gorgon gaped. There was no end to the surprises that day. The faces were almost identical. Their skin was smooth and resembled painted metal, which sported a few dents and scratches. Both of their heads were a sort of oval shape but came down into a point at the chin. They did not resemble human faces at all.

The more feminine looking one was once pure white but was now covered in ash, mud, and grass stains. The male was black, but was faded to almost gray in a few places. The two looked like they had been through many a battle and had most times come out victorious. They weren't as gruesome looking as the ostrich headed monster.

Where their noses should have been was only a flat surface. The white one's eyes were pure black like a deep abyss, and her brother's were burning white. You couldn't look into them for very long without beginning to see black spots. Their mouths were long horizontal slits in their faces.

"Who?" Gorgon did not put down her spiked arm.

"Don't be afraid." The white one spoke without moving her mouth, startling Gorgon. "We're friends."

"But…" Gorgon was lost for words.

"Not all of the monsters that were trapped are out to eat you for dinner." The black one tried to smile, but it ended up looking like a strange twitch. Their voices were painfully human sounding.

The white one looked over to where the god was standing and spied the beating heart in his hands. Then she looked to Gorgon.

"Is that yours?" She asked.

"It was." Gorgon replied.

"Then we owe you our thanks." She leaned in through the opening. Two double pointed long thin sheets of metal poking up from either side of her head, where her ears should be, tore bits from the roof as her large head leaned in so she could get a better look. Her neck was very long. "You have saved this world."

"But won't you be trapped again beneath the earth if we turn back time?" Gorgon didn't understand their kindness.

"You are not the only one who must pay a price for the world to be safe. Like you, we are willing to pay it." The black one answered.

"But why?"

"Let's just say we're helping some old friends."

"Aren't you going to start the ritual?" The white one looked to the god, still holding Grace's heart calmly, its beats starting to come less frequently.

"I already have." He grinned. Both monsters shook their heads and made a sound that might have been laughter.

"Come Savior." The white's head retreated from the gap and she reached in a large clawed hand, on the end of a long arm, toward Gorgon. "You should see this."

Gorgon stepped into the monsters outstretched hand and was lifted into the air. The black one stood up tall next to his sister. Gorgon breathed in the cool air. The sun was setting in the sky. Even with the destruction behind her the setting sun was still beautiful in all the darkness.

She could see the two monsters more clearly now. Their heads, which she had once thought had been large, were actually quite small compared to their elongated bodies. Their centers were like curved cylinders. Their backs arched slightly. The arms that hung from their sides were almost as long as their entire bodies, with spikes at the end of each elbow. Their legs had more then two joints and made it look like they were always crouching.

"Look, Savior." The white one placed Gorgon on the cracked road. Then she saw it. She saw the buildings right themselves and pieces fly back into their proper places. She stumbled as the road became flat once more. Gorgon looked behind her to see the bridge as good as new. Her feet carried her down the road as she saw the world being put back together.

Grass grew green from the healthy dirt and the smoke disappeared from the sky. Scorch marks vanished and were replaced by clean smooth surfaces. A cool wind blew through Gorgon's leafy hair. The flowing lava of her eyes cooled until it hardened into igneous rock. She watched as her world was mended. Shadows of the people who walked this street the day before began to appear.

Yesterday, she and her family had gone to the park to fly the twins' new kites. Yesterday, they had been alive and well. Yesterday, David had been alive with his hopes and dreams. Gorgon hoped that he would remember some of what had happened during the apocalypse. Maybe now he would finally tell Joan how he felt. She wished she could be there to see it, but Gorgon would never see David Wakeman again after that day. Sadly there would come a time when she could no longer recall his name or who he had been at all, but that is a different story all together.

Gorgon looked back to the two monsters that had brought her out to see this change but she noticed their images flicker in and out of existence. She gasped and the igneous rock of her eyes cracked, letting small teardrops of lava slip through. Her legs carried her back to them with more speed then she knew she had.

"Thank you." They called down from above.

"Why do you have to go back?" Gorgon cried.

"We were not here yesterday. However much we wish we were, little one." The white one explained.

"This isn't fair." She didn't care that she sounded like a child.

"The world isn't fair." The black one nodded.

"But at least it let us meet you, Savior. Just this once." The white one sighed.

"Will you forget about all of this like everyone else?" She asked the two creatures.

"Maybe." The black one muttered.

"Or maybe not." The white one countered.

Their images flickered again. Going out for longer periods of time now. Their time was almost up.

"It was nice to have met you too." Gorgon called after them before they flickered out of existence one last time and did not come back again.

"Wait! Who were you?" But it was too late. They were already gone. The question still stung her mind. Who had they been before the disease had deformed them? What had they been like? What had they sacrificed? They were different from the other monsters she had encountered. Why?

Gorgon never forgot that day's events. Unlike everyone else, time had not been turned back for her. For her it just kept moving forwards. Her life was not saved like the others. Why is there always a need for sacrifice in order to save lives, a life for a life?

There is still a scar on her left leg where the metal had pierced right through. It's the one reminder she has that she had once been human, but she isn't anymore is she.

Would you kill one to save millions? But Gorgon had not been killed. Grace had. Kronus had used the power from her mourning heart, her grief, and her belief that the god could save the world, to go back in time and stop the followers of Corruption so that things could go back to the way they were and everyone could live because she wanted it bad enough. It would be like the apocalypse had never happened. But nothing would ever be the same.

She was fourteen when she died. The life of Grace had ended and the life, if you could call it that, of Gorgon had only just begun.

Gorgon smiled. "Oh father, if only you knew what adventures I would have."

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