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Two of Hearts

"Ne, Obaachan! I learned how to read the spells in the book!" I little girl exclaimed with a thick, heavy book in her hands. "Obaachan?" She looked everywhere but she couldn't find the person she was looking for. She suddenly heard people talking in her grandma's favorite room, the 3rd floor attic. She hurriedly ran up the stairs and reached her grandma's room door.

"Obaachan!" She peered through the door to see her mother in there, too.

"Please, okaasama. Why would I listen to your nonsense?" Her mother spoke.

"Mari, she's may be in danger! You need to listen!" The grandma said in an urgent voice.

"Okaasama! There is no such thing as magic! Nothing's going to happen to my daughter!" Her mother screamed at her mother.

"However, the cards!"

"Don't say anything, Okaasama. I think Hotaru is getting too influenced by you! She needs to realize these things aren't real!" Her mother said and walked towards the door.

"What are you saying, Mari!?" The grandma tried to call to her but the mother already left. The little girl hid carefully near the door and watched her mother walk away. She gripped her book tightly to her chest.

"They are real, Mama, they are…." The little girl quietly whispered to herself. Once again she peered into the room to see her grandma holding a deck of cards. When she looked closely the Joker card was on the top, however the picture was missing.

"Please don't let this fate be…." She heard her grandma whisper. Then she quietly murmured a spell under her breath. The little girl then suddenly felt uncomfortable. She had the feeling that she was not alone in her mind, that she was sharing a body.

"Obaachan?" The girl trembled as she fearfully tried to call out her grandma.


Hotaru's POV

I watched from the top of the building the destruction the monster was creating in the city.

"What are you waiting for? You need to go down there!" Joker said in my head.

I ignored her or him, don't really know which one though I think it's a her, the best I could. I looked down on the card in my hand. It had red intricate border details that no one could replicate and somewhat a vine design that surrounded a small heart under a huge 'Two' in the very far right corner. The only thing missing was the artistic picture in the middle. The middle of the card was pure white, blank, with nothing on it.

"The two of Hearts….." I murmured softly to myself. Finally the cards have made it to the city. I mentally cursed to myself. This meant that the sorcerer's shield has finally worn off and they were apparently missing in action ever since they're leader died. In the beginning they never had the power to defeat any of the monster but they were able to keep them out of civilization. Until now. But to be honest, the Threes and Twos were never hard to defeat, however I liked to watch my enemy first.

"Hotaru, if you don't go down there you know how many people could die!? You're the only one who has the power to save them!" Joker nagged me.

"Alright I'll go down! Don't need to be in such a rush." I said back. I walked towards the end of the building and jumped off. As I jumped down I held a card, the Joker, in my hand. I landed on one knee and pushed myself towards the battlefield. It was gruesome but I've gotten used to it. A monster rushed towards me with its huge mouth but I easily used my card and slashed its belly wide open. Red Goo splashed all over the place but that didn't stop me from killing the next monster. One after another the ugly monster charged and they all had the same quick kill.

Each monster that appeared before was a servant monster, easily killed and the ugliest. The ones in front of me had large oversized teeth, complete with an oversized head. Their eyes were too small and their face had huge pimples and bumps also cover their body that was like a small dinosaur.

A Master monster came towards me and a brought out my second Joker card. Without ever dropping my speed I kept on killing everything that came into my path. The master monsters were humans that became corrupted that controlled the territory. There were ones who can still be saved and those that were corrupted too long and became a servant monster. I never kill the master monsters and always try to leave them unconscious though some never recover.

Finally I reached the center of the territory. Before stood the controller of this whole disaster, TheTwo of Hearts. Depending on the symbol, a territory color can always change. Since its Hearts, the whole place was covered in red. I kept my speed them quickly jumped in the air. Suddenly my two cards turned into scythes that I swung behind me. I came down with my weapon towards the 'Two' however, he blocked it. I still kept my attack and stayed in that position as I watched him struggle under my strength. Finally I got off and landed in front of him.

"So you're the famous 'Joker' as they say…." The 'Two' spoke slowly. I kept my straight face as I kept glaring at him with my one red eye and purple eye.

"Hm? No answer? I was expecting an answer from the other 'Joker' inside of you." He smirked.

Suddenly I felt someone take over my body and voice and my red eye burn a little.

"You don't even deserve any answer! You're just a small, weak asshole! You can't even fight without your freaking servants!" Joker said using my voice.

"Oh, you really piss me off, 'Joker'! Servants!" All the monsters turned their heads towards me. "Seriously? See this is why I said that you're weak, you're even too scared to fight me without your servants!" The 'Joker' provoked. Apparently the 'Two' has a short temper.

"Oh, you've done it, 'Joker'!" 'Two' came towards me and lifted his spear towards me. My reflexes were quick and I immediately blocked it with one scythe without flinching. From the corner of my eye I saw a bunch of his 'servants' walk slowly towards me. I lifted my other scythe and sliced the air around me, knocking back the group. The 'Two' seeing this pushed harder into his attacks. He swung back and we went into combat. I read every single one of his attacks and did my best blocking it. However, apparently 'Joker' was getting anxious so she, what do you say, half took over me? And started attacking him. 'Two' started to back away dodging every attack possible with a troubled expression.

"YOU CANNOT KILL ME!" He yelled until I plunged the sharp end of the Scythe into his stomach. Red blood gushed out and splattered some landing on my face and he coughed out blood. I pushed in harder, trying to kill him. He coughed once more before he spoke these words.

"Y-you may have…. Killed… me… b-but you will….never survive p-past the 'Fours' a-alone…." He spoked and his whole body fell forward onto the ground. All the monsters disappeared in one splatter of blood. The master monster outers dissolved into humans that fainted onto the ground with severe cuts and bruises. I looked down onto the body of the 'Two' and started to cut at his body. I knew that even if he looks dead you never know. I continued to cut at his body until it reduced to nothing but mush. Then I bent down onto the ground and stuck my hand into the mush. I searched until I felt a thin flat object. I pulled it out to see a card with the with the same intricate border pattern as the one I was holding in my hand except the white space was filled in with a very amazing art of Two heart with a lot of very small details that I cannot describe.

"They look exactly the same…." I muttered as I got the other Two of hearts card I was looking at. I clasped the two cards over each other and it flew into the air with a red glow. It turned into one card and I grabbed it as quickly as I can. I got out a golden box and placed the card into the empty box. I put it away and looked at my surroundings. People were still fainted on the ground and the buildings and town was back to normal except that the everywhere it was tainted in red.

"The red will go away soon, Let's get out of here!" 'Joker' said. I turned and looked over my shoulder as I started to hear distant police sirens. I turned back and ran as fast as I could away from the scene.