Akane's POV

A girl wiped away the blood from her mouth as she glared at the mob of monsters in front of her. She once again summoned the same 'Joker' cards as she once again ran into the mob.

"Why? Why is she fighting so hard?" I asked to absolutely no one. I felt as if I was tired and unable to move.

"Because she has to." A familiar women's voice rang in my mind.

"Why does she have too?" I asked my eyes drooping a little as I stood there.

"Because there is no one else that can fight." She explained.



"Akane." I heard my name being called.

"Akane!" Once again my name was called.

"RYUUSEKI!" I voice boomed through my thoughts and my head shoot up from my desk unintentionally.

"W-what!?" I stammered as I looked around the classroom as my classmates tried to cover their laughs.

"Ryuuseki, is my class that boring to you?" My teacher sighed.

"N-no, sir…." I laughed nervously.

"Oh, is that so? In that case…." He pointed to the board in front of the room. "You have no problem solving that question, right?" He smiled.

"What does your class being boring, have to do with solving that question?" I muttered.

"Did you say something, Ryuuseki?" He looked at me.

"No, sir…" I sighed and looked at my friend who sat next to me.

"You didn't even wake up when I called your name…." She said. "But you kept on whispering something like 'Poker'? no 'Joker? Ugh, I don't remember…"

I sighed once again as I reached the board and looked at the math problem before me. I grabbed the pen and stopped halfway in confusion.

"Why are there alphabets in math?" The whole class burst into laughter as my teacher face-palmed himself.

"What embarrassment." The women in my mind sighed.

"Hey, who said I was good at math?"


"You will be late for practice for sure." The women, or the Ace of Hearts (whatever that is) for she calles herself, spoke.

"It's not my fault! Lately I've been really tired, okay!?" I yelled back at her as I ran through the hallways.

"Why is she talking to herself?" I heard one girl whisper to her friend.

"That's Ryuuseki Akane! You should stay away from her, she's just weird! Always talking to herself.." I just ignored the conversation and kept on running. Not the first time I heard that.

"Those disrespectful, B- ugh, only if you gave me the control I could just kill those girls!" The Ace persuaded.

"NO!" I screamed as I halted to a stop. I realized that a lot of people stared at me because I suddenly yelled in a loud voice. I scratched my head and bowed numerous times while chuckling nervously. The people looked at me weird then went back to their business. I sighed and scratched my head once again. I knew there was no need to scream about but for some reason there was something in me telling me not to fall for the women in my head's trick.

"My, my, no need to over react. I was just joking." The Ace laughed though I could not find it funny at all.

"Now shouldn't you be heading to your practice now, hm?" She said amused.

"Oh, crap!" I then started sprinting to the soccer field once more.


I walked down the store street with my soccer bag over my shoulder as I slurped my smoothie. I sighed deeply as I looked around to see everyone with a lover or friend.

"You sure are a loner, aren't you?" Ace once again spoke in my mind.

"Shut up." I sighed once again. We started arguing once more and people stared at me again like always. I was always going to be the weird girl talking to myself wasn't I?

I closed my eyes one moment just to maybe lose all my stress. Then once I opened my eyes again, everything was…. Different….

"W-Wa…." I dropped my smoothie unintentionally as I stared at the scene before me.

The world around me was all blue but that wasn't all. The buildings were destroyed and the streets and sidewalks were inputted with huge cracks that no one was able to walk or jump over. When my smoothie touched the ground it disintegrated in a blue flame. People around me started fainting and few slowly evolved into a more horrifying creature. As the monsters arose I could only stare in horror as they came charging towards me. I just stood there holding my arms in front of me waiting for the impact…. But it never came. I took the courage to open my eyes I see a dim light wall glowing in red keeping the monsters from getting to me. This just made me more confused.

"W-what's going on!?" I screamed to, of course, the person in my head.

"What do you think I'm doing? I'm protecting you!" She shouted at me.

"What are these things!?" I screamed back at her but before she answered the wall started to crack. Next thing you know the shield shattered. The power released from the shield was so powerful I was blown back as for the monsters. I laid on the ground unable to get up. I was losing consciousness slowly.

"Che, I used too much power…" The Ace muttered.

Before my eyes closed I saw the monsters getting up coming towards me when I saw the feet of someone with black heeled boots stand before and kill the monsters in an instant. The person ran away from me and started attacking the monsters around her. Unable to only see her feet, she seemed to be dancing as she fought. That was probably my last thought before my world became black.


I slowly opened my eyes to see a familiar ceiling come into vision. I tried to get up but my body ached and…. I was too lazy to. Despite that I urged myself to at least sit up. I ran my hand through my messy black hair to get it out of my eyes. I looked around to see my very own room. I tried my best to remember what happened to me.

"I was walking home…. Then…. Blue!...Blue?"

"Was that a dream?" I questioned myself.

"What!? Why did you not tell me about this!?" I heard a high voice scream. I dragged my body out of my room, curious about the conversation, and walked to the staircase.

"I would not think you will believe me…" I heard a different voice talk.

"Well, I'm going to have to believe it now after I figured out monsters are going after my sister!" My (high voiced) Aneki yelled at probably our grandpa.

"When we were persuaded into casting the spell, I did not think that the cards were going to escape the barrier." Grandpa explained.

"Well, those 'things' escaped! What now? Deal with Akane being chased by blood thirsty cards!?" You would think now that their conversation was crazy but it may be that I was tired but I believed every word.

"There is no one to get the spirit of the card out her. There is only one way but…."

"Tell me, Old Man!" Aneki yelled once again.

"We, no, they need to collect all the cards before the spirits inside of them while release them."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Grandpa heaved a huge sigh. "It means that Akane, including the other 'holders' will need to fight against them."

"W-what!? You can't possibly make her fight those killing machines!?"

"There is no other choice…. However, she won't be alone." There was a pause in the conversation when Aneki spoke again.

"There is no other choice… right?" Grandpa probably nodded as I slightly heard something hit the table.

"Please….. She is the only one I have left in our family…. I don't want to lose her, too."

I stood there frozen. She was always the one who complained at me and yelled at me for no reason. I always thought she never cared about me but, I didn't know….

"Well, That's shocking isn't it?" The Ace said. I suddenly became furious with this women. Because of her I'm stuck in this situation, because of her my sister is depressed, because of her I'm a loner, because of her….

"There's no use in complaining or running. You and I both know that I'm the only who can protect you." She stated. I calmed down a bit but that didn't stop my anger. I heard her sigh and ask "I'll borrow you for a second, okay?" I felt something overcoming me, just slightly as my body felt like it was being controlled by someone else. I took one step down the staircase and that was when I lost my consciousness.


Normal POV

The old man sighed as he placed his favorite cup with his favorite tea in it. He looked at the book that was laid open in from of him. It was written in many different symbols that only 'his kind' can understand. He frowned as he reminisced about the time with 'his kind'. As he flipped the page he felt the breeze blow through the windows. He looked up and smiled to see who was standing on the neighboring roof.

"You may come in 'Joker'." He said to her though she made no attempt to move. "Or, should I say Akatsuki Hotaru." She flinched a little only able to be noticed at a 'Sorcerer's' eyes.

"How," She shook her head. "No, Why do you know my name?" She held her scythe that flickered like a movie projector closer to her. "Then again, I forgot you're a 'Sorcerer'" Hotaru replied as she stepped into the window. Her clothes changed to her original casual clothes and commanded her Joker card to disappear.

"Have a seat." She slowly sat down.

"Let me get you something to drink" He was about to stand up when Hotaru interrupted him. "No need. I have no intention of staying long."

"I see…" He smiled and sat down once again.

"You do understand why I'm here, right, Ryuuseki Mamoru….san." Hotaru spoke.

"Of course, I do." Mamoru slightly frowned. "I would be surprised if you didn't come here for that reason."

Hotaru just sat there emotionless. "The Ace of Hearts has moved."

He listened carefully to her talk as he sipped his tea.

"I-, We need her to work with us."

"I understand that." He replied

"I know you had a conversation with 'her'."



"Akane!" Akane's sister, Aoi, raised her head from the table.

"I'm sorry but I am not 'Akane' right, now" Akane spoke with a higher more mature voice.

"Ace of Hearts…." Mamoru muttered.

"Ace of Hearts?" Aoi asked.

"You figured it out, Mamoru…" Akane smiled.

"Why did you take over her body! Are you trying to kill her?" Mamoru questioned.

"Of course not, we all need her alive. However, I need a talk with you." Akane sat down right next to Aoi who still seemed fazed about the whole thing. "I do realize that you are reluctant to let your grand-daughter ki- I mean- capture the cards. But she is the only one who can do it."

"And besides…" Akane smiled, "It's your faults that the cards were released into the city…. No?"

Flashback End

"I understand that we may be responsible for you to live this kind of life…" He said.

"Save it. I don't want to hear it. What's done is done and I've accepted the fact." She folded her arms as she said that.

"I see…" He said.

"All I came here to say was that I will do everything in my power to at least have her be able to protect herself. I will protect her and make sure she will not get killed, even if it costs my life."


"Don't tell me that I shouldn't do that. It is part of my fate of being the 'Joker' besides…" She looked down and muttered, "She's going to need to know how to stop me some day."

Both of them became silent until Hotaru broke the silence by standing up from her chair.

"Well, I'll be on my way now." She headed towards the window and changed her outfit to the 'Joker's' in one swipe of her card.

"You know…." He said which made her turn around, "come here anytime even if you just want to talk." He smiled.

"Thanks." She slightly smiled and jumped out of the window running from roof to roof.