So I originally wrote this because I was bored and I was also studying for my vocabulary test so I decided to write a story that had all my vocabulary words in it. If you want you can see if you can find all of them, the words are: ornate, deplore, obsessed, frivolous, blasé (with an accent on top of the e), nonentity, residue, muster, annulled, ousted, porous, solicitous, sustain, promontory, peruse, staid. Now on with the story! (by the way do I sound like a certain author from fanfiction, because I have an account there too)

Emma, James, Vincent, Amy and Alice were a group of famous detectives, ignoring the fact that they were all only thirteen. They were all in Emma's kitchen discussing about how to catch the criminal behind a big series of murders.

"Okay," Emma said, "So we all know the plan rig-"

"Cookies anyone?" James interrupted holding a big tray of chocolate chip cookies, very ornate cookies.

Everyone groaned, James use to be very staid, but ever since Alec introduced him to cookies he became obsessed with them. Most of the time everyone would just ignore his frivolous comments about cookies, but they still got quite annoying.

"I really regret showing you cookies," Alec deplored.

"Not that I'm complaining, because your cookies are awesome, but don't you ever get blasé about cookies?" Vincent asked as he licked the chocolaty residue off his finger from his no-longer-existing cookie, which he probably ate in five seconds flat.

"Never!" James yelled as he stroked his own cookie as if it were a fluffy cat.

"Come on guys!" Emma said, "Cookies are a nonentity right now! We have to muster all our concentration and work on a plan to capture that criminal, so his crimes can be annulled once and for all! This means, James, if you don't stop talking about cookies I'm afraid you'll have to be ousted from my house!"

"Oh, I have an idea!" Vincent yelled, "James, come with me!"

"But, I have to wash the cookie trays with he sponge!" James protested.

"You can wash metal items with porous items later!" Vincent said as he dragged James out of the kitchen.

"Sometimes I can't help but be solicitous over James and his cookie addiction," Emma said.

" Whatever Vin is doing I hope it works or else he might sustain that obsession forever," Alec said.

"Come on let's just start working again."

"Right, do we even know where to find him?"

"On a promontory, south from here."

"Okay, I don't want to know how you know that..."


Vincent and James were in Emma's room looking at a contract.

"Okay, so remember to peruse to contract," Vincent warned.

"I think I got it, but just encase let me get this straight, if I don't talk about cookies until we catch the person then you'll give me a bag of cookies?"


"Awesome okay lets go back down stairs!"


"Okay, so we know what we're going to do?" Emma asked.

"We have a have a plan?" Vincent asked as he and James came into the kitchen.

"Yeah, but one more thing," Alec said, "Amy, you've been silent this entire time, do you have anything to say?"

Amy nodded, "Okay, so I know we have a vocabulary test soon, but can we stop saying the words in practically every sentence?" Amy asked with a bit of irritation.

"Yeah okay, but I think we're really going to nail Mrs. Luceil's test!" Alec said happily.

"Yeah, same here!" Emma said with joy, "So, here's the plan..."


Heh so definitely not as good as some of my fanfics, but this is... actually not my first original story... but my first story that I posted on here!... yeah bye!