The Queen of Fillies.

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The date is 6th of July 1975.

It is time for the match race between the black, beautiful queen of fillies: Ruffian, who after 10 races remains undefeated. She is running against the king of the colts Foolish Pleasure who won the Kentucky Derby and, after having to seasons behind him stands strong with only two losses.

As the race starts Ruffian hits her shoulder in the starting gate, something that gives Foolish Pleasure the lead. After having straightened herself up Ruffians takes up the competition and with that the lead. For a while it seems that Ruffian will win, but suddenly, in the middle of the race when both sesamoid bones in her right foreleg snaps. Ruffian refuses to give up and continues to run until the hoof just hangs there, dangling helplessly. A team of vets arrives and takes her to the horse "hospital" at Belmont. They do a surgery that manages to fix her leg, but when she wakes up she thinks that she is still running and starts running on the floor until she reopens the fracture and smashes her left shoulder until the bones in it looks like crushed ice cubes. Ruffian was put to sleep later that night and she is the only racehorse buried at Belmont where she lies with her nose pointing to the finish line she never reached. Although she is dead this brave little filly will be forgotten by no one.

In later years horses have gotten serious injuries during training or races at the same track as Ruffian, at the basically same spot. This has lead to the belief that the track is haunted

This story went through my head as I sneaked out to the stables.

"I can't believe I have to sneak out in the middle of the night like a thief to see my own horse!" I said (shouted) to myself. I was just walking past the track when I heard some noise. I frowned. No one is supposed to be there now, I thought and slowly and silently made my way over. Honestly, what I saw scared me: A beautiful filly, shining like a black diamond in the moonlight. Just seeing a horse at the track at this hour is weird enough but this one didn't have a saddle or rider. And her speed, it looked like she was flying! It was Ruffian, I was sure of it; as sure as I am saying that the sun will be up again tomorrow. It was amazing and it both amazed and scared me, but suddenly she gone! "I guess I am really tired" I said and ran to the stables.

In the stables I ran straight over to my own filly Ruffians Rhapsody. She looked out over her stable door and started nuzzling me with her soft beautiful nose. I opened the door and sat down in the corner of the stable. She came to me and lied down putting her head on my legs. I sighed;

"You wont believe what just happened Ruff" I said and told her everything.

Suddenly the stable was summing with activity. Shit I must have fallen asleep I thought and quickly got up and stepped in a horse dung.

"Oh that's just great," I muttered before kissing Ruff on the nose and running out of the stables.

The day had been great! Ruffians Rhapsody had won her maiden race with ten lengths only a tenth behind Ruffians record.

It was in the middle of the night and I was taking Ruff out for a ride at the track, when I heard the sound of hooves and looked behind me. It was Ruffian! She stopped right in front of us throwing her head urging us to follow. That was when I realized: Ruffian was always here, running, to win her final race.

"What a brave little filly you are. What do you say Ruff? Want a another race?" I said, and Ruff whinnied like she was saying

"Yeah! Lets do it, bring it on!" And so we ran. Both horses truly gave it their all but in the end the winner was Ruffian. She looked me straight in the eyes and something told me she wanted me to ride her. Now that's an offer you don't get every day! I quickly dismounted Ruff and after having walked over to Ruffian I mounted her, and she took of. God, it felt like we were flying! She was so quick everything became a blur and the sights, sounds and smells all melted to together and the only important thing was the muscles I felt working under me, each step taking us forward. After a little while Ruffian stopped and I dismounted and walked over to Ruff silently petting her nose. When I turned Ruffian was no longer there, her soul, finally at peace, flying to the stars to run with her friends. It was at that night. 40 years after her death that the queen of the fillies won her eleventh and last race before going to her eternal rest.

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