Endless silence, avoidance and distance

creates a less peaceful atmosphere instead

of heavenly bliss. Losing common ground all

year round, harmony doesn't make a sound

or calls anyone honey. Disappointment reopens

an old wound. The silent treatment carries doubt

just like a burden, a dead body whose sweet melody

will never be heard. These hidden scars and untold

stories of anguish give gold a run for its money. They

hold onto the promise of a healer, savior, a lover who

will care enough to be a good listener and communicator

someday. Bad omen, solemn autumn, a kiss goodnight

and goodbye walks in slow motion toward the emergency

exit door. Drifting elsewhere, ghost of yesterday, breathe

then embrace outerspace. Drifting elsewhere, my immortal,

dream to be anywhere but here in this warm safe place. Never

look back at the past, free wandering spirit, just let go and breakaway.

So far away, is this a temporary vocation or permanent separation?

Inevitable, parting is such bittersweet sorrow but the sun will come out

again tomorrow. Bullet proof, waterproof and fireproof, contentment

shakes dirt off her shoulders through dancing and laughter.