I like him since the first day of school. It was like love at first sight. The first time I saw him, I just like, oh my god, who's him. No one knows that I like him and no one noticed my behavior as he passed in front of me. I mean like, every time he passed in front of me, I shouted for joy. I never knew his name, until that day, second of November. My friends Nadia, tell me about the boy she likes. She said, she likes Geary, she told of conversation she had with Geary. I am very curious about Geary. Then I asked nadia his facebook name. After I got home, I was searching for his name on facebook, yes I got it. I saw photos of Geary on facebook. And I was very surprised. Apparently, Geary is a guy that I liked since the first day of school. On another side, I am happy because I finally know the name of the guy I like, but I am also sad, because apparently my friend also liked him. Now way, my friend and I liked the same guy. So I guess, I will just like him form afar. I don't want to compete, especially with my own best friend. But that doesn't mean I give up before compete. I just don't want to add the problem in her life. So I will just like him from afar, and let my friend get happiness that should be hers. Goodness always gets something more. And here I am, I'm the one who can't fight for my own happiness. I'm the one who always fall in love with the wrong person. I'm the one who can't realize that there's a person that loves me more than anything. Maybe I'm too selfish to myself to realize it, and maybe I'm too selfish to know it.