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Chapter 1

Jade's POV

"Girl, you need to be more confident about yourself." I rolled my eyes as my friend lectured me again about my oh-so-called confidence. Seriously, she needs to stop nagging at me about confidence whatsoever. I actually don't care about my status.

"Shane! Stop blabbering. We're juniors now yet you're still yapping like my mom. Seriously you need to chill." Sheila then shrugs me off but then laughed.

"Fine. But you really-"

"SHANE!" I shouted as some students passed by looking at us weirdly. Like I care.

"Okay okay I'll stop" We laughed together.

Our moment was cut because of the school bell signalling we should be at our classes by now. "Dang it, and I was just starting to mingle with Jade again. Well, see ya later at lunch kay?" Sheila waved as she ran to her class.

And I should go to my class as well. I don't want a violation at the first day of classes. That would be a very nice way of starting junior high. Not.

Oh, sorry I haven't introduced myself formally. Hey I'm Jade Moore of Evergreen Academy (A/N: I just made that up XD I literally suck at this) I'm already a junior but so far. I can't really say that my life is that important..

Well, back to story. I live a simple life, except the fact that I don't really know my REAL dad. But, of course I'm still happy with Mom and Dadski (I call my stepdad like that) I'm an only child, and I have average grades... I guess. I'm a brunette with green-forest colored eyes, thus the name Jade. I'm not skinny or fat... or maybe I'm chubby. Whatever.

Anyway I looked around class as I sit down on my chair, the first thing I noticed is my bestfriend Haley sleeping, again.

" Ugh. Haley. It's a new year yet your still sleeping? Can't you do anything besides drooling, snoring and sleeping?" I asked her as she sleepily sit straight.

"I dunno Jade.. And we're juniors now. You should accept the fact that I'm always sleepy. Two, you already know that I have insomnia. And, three I was born this way" She showed her three fingers in front of my face lazily. As I blinked confused, Haley went back to sleep. Haley Winters is my bestfriend since Grade school. We were always there for each other. She's also one-fourth Spanish and three fourth American. But the fact that she doesn't look Spanish or American still confuses me. She has black hair that goes to her waist. Milky white complexion and fox like eyes. I think its just me who thinks she ain't Spanish or American. She's rich but she won't admit it. She's just THAT nice. But she's also stubborn and selfish like a little brat.

"Earth to Jade. The teacher's coming so if I were you I'd be VERY obedient and be a good girl okay?" Haley said to me hurriedly and fully awake.

As I went back to reality I realized that the first person that the teacher looked at was me. And it wasn't a good look for me. And oh great McKenzie and her "pups" are snickering my way. Those bitches, I hope they could get karma someday.

But of course. Who would team up with the unpopular, not so pretty, not so smart, too dull and simple me. My only friends and my family... period.

What a "fun" way to start junior high. Let's hope for the best Jade.

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