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Synopsis: Valerie's and Logan's mom are old best friends, after separated for 20 years, they finally decide to meet and bring their children along. After some days, Val and Logan decide that they will stay as lover in this vacation. As they discuss, the relationship will be over after the break is over, and so be it.

A year later, Valerie finds her life took an unexpected turn of event, and she finds herself reunite with Logan. After some brutal and odd accident, she realized that she is involved in a serious affair that she's not supposed to enter. And the Logan she met a year ago is acting really different than the current Logan. She thought she knows him, but she's not.


Valerie Carter sits uncomfortably on her seat. She never agreed to this. She will never, ever, agree. So why is she here? She is stuck on a ferry that will bring her to a beautiful island, that's her mother said. And yeah, speaking of her mother, she is the reason why Valerie is here. She hates this situation so much but she can't complain nor do anything about it.

"We almost there honey," her mom said in enthusiasm.

"I don't care," Valerie answered flatly.

"It's a Mediterranean sea, a lovely cottage, excellent food, and amazing views, nothing could harm you," her mother pinched her upper arm lightly.

"Yeah," Valerie nodded and smiled slightly. "Except that, I don't want to be here," she then added sarcastically. "Why, do you have to force me?"

"I told you yesterday morning, the plane ticket was refundable, and it won't be same without you," the middle aged woman beside her answered tiredly. "Beside, we could also support Ethan."

Mothers, Valerie said to herself, then she think about Ethan, her 18 years old younger brother who is very annoying and ridiculous. "Ethan is playing soccer in his football camp on the main island. He wouldn't even come to the remote island you were talking about, our destination," the girl interrupted her mother.

"You won't be sorry. I promise it's going to be wonderful. Besides, my best friend will also come to visit and spend time with us. I miss her very much! We didn't see each other in 20 years! I'm so excited," Valerie's mother talked in enthusiasm. "Plus, she had a boy, I heard he is very handsome, and he will come too," like a teenage girl.

"Mom!" Valerie snapped.

She already fed up with everyone treatment, she just broke up with his boyfriend before summer break, they relationship lasted for four years before it's finally ends in shitty reason, or that's what she thought. She broken hearted, yes, but does she becomes desperate, no. she only loose some pounds or so, and yes, she can't sleep or cried every night, but it's a process and she is sure in couple months, a year, or maybe forever, she will get through it.

But everyone around her doesn't seem understand, especially her mother who texted and called her once every 10 minutes, probably afraid that she will commit suicide or something. Even Ethan tried to comfort her in a very odd way, which is scary. This vacation break is also her family ideas, the main villain of course is her mother, and Ethan supported her with all his might. It's been three weeks and it still doesn't stop. Every time her mom yelled to some good-looking boys on the street and tells them that her daughter needs some company, Valerie feels to throw herself in front of a car or something.

"There it is!" her mother ignored her like usual and stood up when they finally caught a glimpse of the island at a distant.

"Everyone is looking at you," Valerie sighed and pulled her mother arm, tried to calm her down. She's not ashamed of her, her mother is annoying sometimes or too eccentric, but then Valerie learns that it's just how her mother is, and she tried to understand it.

When the ferry is finally arrive at the port, and all the passengers walk out, including Valerie and her mother. The young woman admits that her mother, for once, was right. The island is beautiful, it looks small from a distant but when you finally stood there with your own feet, it's big and wide. The scenery and the surrounding is a beach and hill in one place, the composition of the emerald sea, the blue sky, and the colorful buildings quickly took Valerie away to perfection.

"Now, that's our ride," her mother's voice awoke her from her amazement.

"A horse?" she raised a brow after she realized what it is.

"Yes, here, only animals, bicycle, and scooter allowed," her mother informed her as she climbs on one. The horse followed her with its head as far as it can go, while its master helped Valerie's mother to its back.

"Wow," Valerie mumbled quietly as she walked to another horse and its waiting master.

About 15 minutes later, after some slope, unique streets and shop, and backache, the mother and daughter is finally arrive at the cottage they will spend the night in. Valerie straightened her back to take a better look. The place is amazing, it has a straight view to the sea.

"Annie!" suddenly, a beautiful middle age woman comes out from the cottage and run at them while waving in happiness, some of the cottage staff follows behind her.

"Rebecca!" Valerie's mother, Ann, wave at her back. When she finally hops down from her horse, she runs at her old best friend, and both woman hug each other tightly.

"You didn't change at all!" said Ann after she let go and staring at Rebecca from head to toe.

"Ah! You also still the same!" Rebecca laughed loudly. "Yes please, they with me. Take their luggage to the room," then she said to the waiting staff around them. "Well, who is this?" she asked after she noticed Valerie wit raised brows.

"Ah, this is my daughter, Valerie, she's 20 years old now!" Ann pulled Valerie that she almost forgot.

"Hello madam," Valerie pulled out her hand to Rebecca in awkward.

"Hi Valerie, you're pretty. Just call me Rebecca," Rebecca shook her hand. "I'm your mother long lost best friend," then she added jokingly as she putted her hand around Ann shoulder.

"Where is your son? Is he coming too?" Ann asked in a fake curiosity while Valerie quietly rolled her eyes.

"Yes he is, but he went off somewhere since two hours ago, he said something about diving. His name is Logan, by the way," Rebecca answered. "Come on, follow me! I already prepare some drink for you guys!" then she smiled at Valerie and turned around with Ann still in her hand.

Valerie followed Rebecca and her mother to the backyard of the cottage. While both older women are talking to each other in such enthusiasm and happiness, Valerie is back at checking the surroundings in amazement. She even almost tripped at the chair she is supposed to sit on. Her mind is absorbs in the scenery.

"I think I need to change my clothes to something more comfortable, do you both mind?" the young woman asked after her mom and Rebecca sits down. The weather is warm, so Valerie thought that it will be nice if she could change her jeans to shorts and her clothes to something thinner.

"Sure honey," her mother nodded.

"Oh, your luggage are on the second floor in the west wing. Don't worry, I already booked all room in that side, so we literally conquered that area," while Rebecca informed her nicely.

Without wasting anytime, Valerie walks in via the back door and finds the nearby stairs. She asked a staff about the west wing, and when she finally arrive, she was welcome by four different doors and she doesn't know which is who. Anyway, because going back down to ask Rebecca and up again will decrease her energy, she decides to check the room one by one. If she happens to bump into Rebecca's room, well, it's a woman room.

So she checks the nearest door which is lock. She then walks to the next one which is across the first door and manages to open it. she sighed in relief when she find her suitcase in the corner of the room and walk in. First, she needs to close the window, then she tied her hair up and decide to take off her clothes first, then open the brief case and find some change, so her body could feel the room and this island air and adapting.

But then, just when she stood up next to the bed and pulled off her clothes, she heard the door creak open and find a young man stood there, freeze, just like her. His mouth is slightly open, and his eyes are looking at her, not to her chest and her exposed skin, but to her face. He has short brown hair which is sleek, jade eyes, and he's in a diving suit.

"Feast your eyes?" Valerie managed to ask calmly. From the suit and his half wet hair, she knows that it's Rebecca's son, Logan, and from his look she knows that he's harmless.

"What?" the young man asked back, still dazed.

"Do you mind?" Valerie lifted her shoulder and glanced to her own body to wake him up.

"Oh, sorry!" Logan stuttered as he close the door. Valerie shook her head in annoyance and continuing her action. "But this is my room, actually," then she heard Logan added.

"Really?" Valerie raised a brow in disbelief. "That's my suitcase in the corner. Are we somehow will be sleep in one room?" she then asked sarcastically.

"You may open it and check if you like," Logan answered.

Weird, Valerie thought. She walked to the suitcase and opened it. How shock she is when she find man clothes inside of it. There's no use to be embarrassed, she told herself. Wear her clothes back and walked out, making the boy startled.

"Where's my room?" she asked flatly.

"Right next to me," the young man pointed to his left.

Without wasting any second, Valerie walked pass him and go to her actual room, close the door and lock it. Now, there's her suitcase and her other luggage. How could she's not noticing that her other luggage is gone at the previous room? Well, it's not entirely her fault, who would have thought that her suitcase will be the same as Logan.

"Hi," her mom smiled at her when she came back down and join the group. The sun is starting to set down.

"It's the island special cocktail, sweetheart. Try it, it really nice and fresh," Rebecca offered her a glass when she sits.

"Thank you," Valerie smiled at her and took it. She then sipped the cocktail a bit and savor it while the older women are staring at her in expectation. "Yum!" she exclaimed to make both women satisfied, and it does nice.

"So, Valerie, tell me a bit about yourself," Rebecca asked lightly. She is really pretty with her short blonde hair, her face is in perfect oval shape and she has a perfect cheeks bone.

"Umm, I love writing and designing," Valerie answered.

"Tell me more," Rebecca looked interested.

"I like to write some stories or article on my campus bulletin, and one day I want to have my own accessories shop, I plan to design them myself," the young woman explained further.

"It's really nice," Rebecca compliment her. "Do you have a boyfriend?" she then asked teasingly.

"She broke up before summer," of course, her mother have to answer that. "What about your son?"

"He has a fiancé, I don't agree, actually. But Alexander, well, you know Alexander," Rebecca smiled weakly. "Ah! What a coincidence! That's my son!" then she grins widely and wave to the back of Valerie's shoulder, causing Valerie to cough in shock.

"Are you okay?" Ann asked as she handed her daughter a napkin.

"Logan, this is Ann Carter my best friend that I told you about, and her daughter, Valerie," Rebecca introduced her son.

"Ah, so handsome," Ann compliment him and Valerie manage to look at him. His hair is already dry and he finally dressed properly, he also brings an SLR camera with him, the best and the expensive one.

"Come, sit down," Rebecca pulled Logan's hand until he sit beside her. "His younger than you, two years," then said to Valerie.

"Oh, my youngest son is right at your age. He is now on the main island with his football camp, why don't you visit him sometime and get to know each other?" Ann talked enthusiastically.

"Sure," Logan nodded and smiled at her.

"What were you doing earlier?" asked Rebecca after she took a sip from her drink.

"I was diving, it's really beautiful, you should try it mom," Logan answered and suggested.

"No thanks, I'm hydrophobic," Rebecca pout, she wave her glass in disagreement.

"Then why are you here?" Valerie asked before she could stop herself. Thankfully nobody mind, and for the first time, Logan is finally looks at her.

"Because this place is obviously a paradise! As long I don't go into water, Valerie darling, I'll be okay," Rebecca explained and laughed.

"You never change!" and Ann joins her too.

"Do you already have a plan for tomorrow?" Rebecca back asked to her son.

"I found a perfect surfing spot, so I figure I'll go there next thing in the morning," Logan nodded.

"Why don't you take Valerie with you and have fun? I heard this island have so many tourist and adventure spot. We only have ten days here, both of you should take your time," Rebecca suggested and looked at Valerie in expectation, nearly making the girl choke for the second time.

"Yeah, she really should try something new to get her mind off from her e-"

"Mom, I hate going to the beach, did you forgot?" Valerie cuts Ann's words as she stepped her foot.

"You can't swim too?" to her contrary, Logan doesn't seem to mind at all.

"No," Valerie responded automatically. "I just hate hot weather, and avoid getting a heat stroke," she then explained awkwardly.

"Come on, you both are still young! You should play," Ann ignored her. Valerie glared at her with I don't want to look.

"Let her be Ann," Rebecca laughed again as she watched her best friend behavior. "Don't worry darling, you decide," she then looked at Valerie that looked at her back with such gratitude. "Okay, so… Does anyone have a suggestion where we have to go tonight, to a dinner or something?" and asked everybody after the situation calm.

"Let's try this island hotspot and find some cute guys!" Ann suggested, and Valerie already knew that she will suggest that. Valerie also knows better than anyone that what her mother means cute guys is not direct to herself and Rebecca but to her.

"That's a good idea," Rebecca, who clearly misunderstood, agreed jokingly.

"I'm a guy, so should I join you ladies to find a guy?" Logan asked in sarcasm.

"Come on, we're just joking! And honey, you're still a boy," Rebecca grinned at him in victory. "Or do you have a plan?"

"Not really," Logan lifted his shoulder.

"Valerie?" his mother then glanced at the girl in front of him.

"I'm a bit tired, so I'll probably stroll around here a bit and crash," Valerie answered and tried to make her expression as tired as possible.

"Alright," Rebecca nodded. "Just both of us then?" she then looked at Ann.

"Sure. The sun is already set so let's go upstairs and change," Ann nodded. So all them stood up to get ready. Rebecca and Logan enter first, but Ann pulled Valerie hands softly. "Are you sure you don't want to come?" and asked lovingly as she tidying her daughter ponytail and looked at her deep blue eyes.

"I'm beat mom, but you and Rebecca definitely should have some fun," Valerie smiled as she caress her mother hand, telling her not to worry.

"Oh, honey," Ann pulled her into a hug. "I'm sorry, I didn't know that Logan already have a fiancé," and whispered jokingly.

"No problem," her daughter laughed.

Ann kissed her cheek. "Do you want to go now?" and let go.

"I think so," Valerie nodded as she looked around. The lamps are now on since it's already dark.

"Okay, be careful. Text me, okay," Ann scrambles her hair and walk in.

"Yes," Valerie mumbled as she turned and head out to the street.

Like a vacation spot, this island is getting lively at nights. People are out to dine, sparkling lamps, and music everywhere. Everybody is laughing, some of them complaining, but most of them have fun. And the locals are so friendly, Valerie have to force herself to smile back because the locale she meet or pass always smile at her. She turned to the right, to a quieter street. And realized then that the street is dedicated for couple, since she saw many people holding hands, speaking quietly and romantically, and kissing. She enjoys it though, even if she alone.

Everything is fine until she bumps at two male tourists who look older than her and seems… lonely. "Sorry," said Valerie as she tried to pass them.

"Hey girl, are you alone?"

"Why don't you join us then?"

Both of them asked her and just before she answered. "Valerie!" she heard someone calling her.

"Oh crap," the two tourists groaned and leave her alone.

You, Valerie thought when she turned around and found Logan is running at her. "What are you doing here?" she asked coldly. She didn't mean to be like that but she does dislike him for staring at her exposed top, so it happened.

"My mother told me to come with you," Logan answered. As Valerie looking at him, she realizes how cute he is with his brown short hair, his round big eyes, perfect nose, pinkish lips, and flawless face, not to mention that he wears a shirt and cardigan right now. He is taller a bit than her, and his body is bigger, but Rebecca is right, he is still a boy. "Look," then he said. "I know that our first met was awkward and uncomfortable, I'm sorry, I hope you forgive me, and umm, we will spend 9 days ahead together so, I hope we can get along well."

Valerie expression is softened, Logan has surprise her for the third time today. Behind that cute and boyish look, his attitude and his way of thinking is more mature than she thought. And he looked so sorry, and he is younger, so Valerie couldn't say no, could she? "It's alright. It's your room anyway," she sighed and nodded. Beside, it's actually her fault in the first place to barge in, and she feel ashamed by it, that's the real reason why she was cold and awkward.

"Cool," Logan smiled brightly, he looked really relief.

"Logan, right? Can I call you that?" Valerie asked, decided to get friendly. She started to walk again and Logan followed her.

"Sure," he nodded. "Ah, sorry, earlier I call you Valerie-"

"That's fine," Valerie wave her hand in carefree. "Do you want to grab something to eat?

"Where do you want to eat?" Logan smiled in agreement.

"I prefer somewhere quiet… I mean, not so crowd," answered the girl.

"Well, then we are at the right alley," Logan looked around. "How about there?" then he pointed to a small yet cozy look restaurant, just a bit further than them. Valerie agreed, and so they choose it. Valerie, without a doubt, chose the table near the windows so she can look outside. Right after they sit down, a waitress walked at them with a menu on his hand and smiled on his face.

"What's an I fu Mie?" asked Valerie after she reads it all.

"It's a mix of dry noodles with seafood slice and soup," answered the waitress.

It sounds yum. "I'll have that and strawberry squash," so Valerie ordered that.

"I'll have fried rice gindara and lemon juice," Logan said his order right after Valerie, and as the girl quietly observe him, he doesn't take too mush time in deciding what it was but try to be polite, he knows what he'll order faster than Valerie but talked after the girl.

"So, have you applied to any college?" Valerie asked after the waitress gone with their order.

"Yes, actually I already accepted in a business management," Logan nodded and smiled.

"That's great," Valerie took her napkin and start playing with it.

"Except the fact that I don't want to study in that major, I guess," Logan added ironically.

"Really?" Valerie raised a brow.

"My father is really… A strict person," Logan explained carefully. "What about you?"

"I'm major in English literature, this is my second year," Valerie answered. "And I love designing jewelries and accessories, I'd like to write in my campus bulletin too," and stop playing with her napkin.

"Your order," suddenly, the waitress is back with their foods and drinks.

"Wow, it's fast," Valerie straighten her back and looked in amazement as the plate putted in front of her. She can't wait to dig in.

"Thank you," Logan looked up and smiled to the waitress, who after placed the entire order on table, left.

"I heard you have a fiancé too," said Valerie as she took her fork.

"Yeah, and that's also my dad's idea," Logan chuckled and put a spoon of rice to his mouth. "Do you have someone?" he asked after he savored it and nodded in satisfaction.

"Actually, my mom dragged me here because I have a broken hearted issue," Valerie let out a small laughed, she almost choke.

"What happened?" Logan raised his head from his plate, interested.

"We've been dating for two years when he suddenly broke me up for some other blonde bitch," responded Valerie. "Sorry," then she quickly regret it, since Logan's mother is blonde.

"That's okay," Logan smiled with an understanding look on his face. "So, your mother was forcing you here because of that?"

"She's always forcing on anything, in her own way," Valerie played her fork and swallowed.

"Are you fine with that?" Logan put another spoon to his mouth.

"Yeah, my brother and I are still trying to understand her, but we're fine," the girl answered as she took her strawberry quash. "What about you, is your mother anything like your father?" and took a sip.

"No, she's really kind, too kind, actually. I don't know what I'd do without her, she's the one who always defend me from my father," Logan shook his head. "What about your father?" and also drink his lemon juice.

"He left us on my 9th grade," Valerie answered and drew her lips into a thin line.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Logan looked sorry.

After some time talking with him, Valerie learned that from the way he speak, he have confident, because he can speak comfortably in any topic and not laughing or shouting all the time like Ethan and his friends, even when he talked about his father, Logan didn't look impersonating him or something like that, he just make sure he told Valerie in the right way. He's a future gentleman, probably because his father strict at education, he taught him the way of speak properly and etiquette.

Thought of the devil. "What about you, are you fine with your father's way?" Valerie couldn't help but ask back.

"No, but what can I do? I'm the only son, if not me, who will taking over his company? Plus, he paid for my entire tuition fee," Logan lifted his shoulder.

He got a point, Valerie thought. "What do you want, actually?" and asked again in curiosity.

"Photographer," Logan glanced to the LSR camera he putted before on the table side.

After that, they chat about different things until they food and drink eventually finished. As Valerie looked around, she realized that this place is start to full, not only with couple. And when she looked outside, she almost fell from her seat after she saw how crowded it is.

"Do you want to get out of here?" asked Logan as if he could read her mind.

"Yeah," Valerie nodded and stood. She pays for their food even though Logan mind it, but she insist, since she still feel very guilty about him. "It's so crowd," she complained after they joined with the other tourists and locals on the street.

"I was talking to a locale this afternoon, he said that the whole place will be pack and lively after 7 pm," Logan told her. He surprisingly could walk swiftly through the crowd, as if he used to it, and now slightly in front of her.

"I can barely walk!" Valerie groaned. "Ah, sorry," she then apologize when she stumbled upon someone and nearly fell. When she looked back front, she is freeze. Logan is standing only a few cm away from her, he's smiling, and his right hand lured right at her.

Valerie is in doubt. Could they actually hold hands? Isn't that just an action do between lovers, siblings, or best friends? They barely know each other, it's not even a day. But again, he probably just want to help her, and anyway, he's younger than her, she could positioned him like a littler brother. That is why, after a minute or so, Valerie took his lured hand with hers and let him lead it the way. Thankfully, she made the right choice since she can walk easier now. Logan's bigger body is blocking hers from other people, his left hand busily opened a way, while his right hand grabbed her left protectively.

"Here we are," he said when they finally back safe and sound at the cottage gate.

"Are you going to rest too?" Valerie asked as she pulled her hand.

"No. This time is perfect for photo hunting and candid, so I guess I will walk around for another hours," Logan shook his head and explained.

"Right, thanks for helping me back here in one piece," Valerie nodded, smiling at him.

"You're welcome," he smiled back and watched her walk in. "Oh, by the way, what about the surfing, tomorrow morning? If you want to go, I will wait for you at the lobby at eight," then he asked as quick as he can, before she went further.

Valerie stopped walking and gave it a thought. "I guess I can come."