The Meeting- Rochelle's POV

It was the first day back in year 11 after the Christmas holiday and I was dreading it, for the simple reason… it was school. The holiday was typically cold but relaxing and I wasn't ready to shatter the lye-ins till the afternoon and return to the dreaded halls of the 'shit tip'.

It was 7.30 as I left the house to brave the cold to walk to the bus stop to be greeted by the general back seat lot who after a few exchange of words about what they did in the holiday it quietened and I placed one headphone in each ear.

Tutor time had arrived it was 8.30am and I just wanted to lie my head on the table and go back to sleep. I walked into the same old tutor room and was greeted by the unusual smiley face of Miss Woods, she was obviously pleased to be back at school for some strange reason. "Welcome back, we have a new student joining us today, she is in year 11 and I want you all to make her fit in." she calmly said to everyone.

"Rochelle , can you come here please". Weird I thought and with that I lazily lifted my head off the table to make my way to the front. "Yes miss?" I politely questioned. "As you have just heard we have a new girl starting and she is scheduled to follow your timetable, at ten to I would like you to greet the new student at student services, is that okay?" " Of course miss that's fine" I replied

Tutor time had passed slowly like usual as I nervously made my way to student services. I was always anxious meeting new people but I wanted to know what she was like as there was always a buzz around college whenever anyone knew started all the years would be talking about it. What will she be like? Will she think we're all weird? I thought to myself as I pulled open to door to student services to let a teacher through.

I walked in to see a caramel coloured girl, with gorgeous wavy dark brown hair flowing way past her shoulders looking in the opposite. She was sitting awkwardly and by the twitching of her hands I could tell this was the new girl I was supposed to be showing round. "Miss Barker, im here to meet the new girl" I paused "miss didn't tell me her name". "Ah yes, Santiana Benitez, she's just moved here from Spain" she said peacefully.

"Hi there Santiana, I hope that is how you pronounce it, I apologize if I said it wrong" oh god I thought what an embarrassing start. She turned around. "Hello, no it's cool that was perfect" she replied innocently calming my nerves ever so slightly. I wasn't good with new people I didn't know what to do, what to say. It was awful.

The Meeting- Santiana's POV

I was so nervous it was my first day at this brand new school in a brand new country. Me and my mamá decided to make a change and move from Spain to a small town in England. We moved here just before Christmas, December 18th 2012 to be precise and I was just starting to get settled into my house; but I still knew no one, my English wasn't the best and I couldn't really go anywhere because I didn't know anywhere.

It was 8am and mamá shouted up the stairs "Santiana, it's time to leave sweetie". Her Spanish accent was so strong and made me miss Spain and its lovely warm weather. I slipped on my brand new school shoes and ran out into the cold air and horrible rain that hit my face as I made my way to the car where mamá was waiting for me. She tried to smile to calm my nerves but it wasn't really working as I could still hear my heart racing faster than it should be.

Te Pintaton Pajaritos, the Spanish song was playing from the CD I had burnt just after moving to England. As much as I loved the British music Spanish music always seemed to calm me down and that's just what I needed right now. We pulled up in the car park to the front of the school and my stomach churned. 'This is really happening I thought' as I saw the kids filing off the buses in smart black and white uniforms, this was something I wasn't used to, in Spain we could where what we wanted.

"Right, come on then my cariño" my mamá whispered in my ear as I left the car. I walked up the daunting steps to the main reception where we were greeting by a tall woman who led us to student services, where I was met by another tall woman just shorter than the receptionist that guided us here. "You must be Santiana Benitez, welcome to Casterford College"." Yes she is nice to meet you" bounced mamá as she reached her hand out to greet the tall lady who towered in front of us. "Hello" I whispered to scared to put together a sentence. " Don't be scared, you can sit down over there while I sort out the timetable with your mother you will be following Rochelle Walton for the rest of the year" I walked to the chair that the lady had pointed to after noticing her name badge that read 'Miss Barker'. I sat down and thought about the girl I was supposed to be following. Will she be nice? Will she be pretty? Will she actually like me?

My thoughts were broken by my mamá carefully touching my shoulder " Im off now sweetie, remember don't be too nervous and be yourself they will love you just as much as I do" She bent down to hug me and instantly them few words from my mamá easily calmed me down. She left and I turned to face the window overlooking the sculpture of the school logo that stood outside. There was nothing like this at my school in Spain and everything seemed so different over here but I was ready for the change. I was disturbed by the sound of the door opening but I didn't want to turn my head.

I heard Miss Barker talking to a girl, then I heard my name but I was still too shy to turn round. Just then I heard a sort of deep but calm voice behind me. "Hi there Santiana, I hope that is how you pronounce it, I apologize if I said it wrong" I turned round to see this beautiful girl standing before me. A shortish girl with dead straight auburn hair stood before me in, her uniform was pristine although the skirt was rather short. Her body wasn't that of a skinny girl but a girl with curves, not fat but curves in all the right places. 'Stop thinking like this' I told myself and shyly replied to her question after admiring her for 5 seconds "Hello, no it's cool that was perfect"

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