Break Time -Rochelle's POV

Maths was the same as usual, bearable. I saw the topic was trigonometry today as I walked over to Miss Brewster to introduce Santiana. "Miss, this is the new girl Santiana, should she sit at the back with me?" I questioned. I looked back to catch a glimpse of Santiana behind me, she looked more relaxed now which was good to see as she stopped gazing around the classroom to look at me, I simply just smiled back. "Yes that's fine, just get Lexi to move forward one next to Tyler". "Sure miss" I replied as I guided Santiana to the back right of the classroom.

"You've been kicked out Lex" I joked to my usual partner in crime in maths. Me and Lexi were that pair that were an odd mix. I was loud and outgoing and she was quiet and shy. We were childhood friends and although we didn't see much of each other round of school apart from maths she was still a great friend. "You're chucking me out?" she fake whimpered, raising her hands to her eyes pretending she was crying. "Im sorry it had to end like this" I laughed back as she picked up her stuff to move forward. "There you go a nice warm chair" I said to Santiana as I sat to the left of the 2 man table. "Gra.. Thankyou" she replied kindly.

Maths went on until the clock reached 10.30 and the bells rang out indicating we were free to leave for break. "Do you want to go for food or do you have something?" I asked Santiana. "No its cool im too nervous to be hungry" she shyly laughed. I led her down the busy main corridor to the usual 'hang out' place at break, Mr Heames room which was room 6 and at the very far end of the corridor that was filled of pacing teens racing to get to the break queue.

We entered room 6 and looked over to the far left corner where all the girls were sat deep in conversation. " cough cough, everyone who hasn't already met her, this is Santiana she's new" I said. We were a fairly big but close group of friends: Charlie, Sara, Katy, Abbey, Georgina, Grace, Claire, Cheska and Sydney. We were an all-girls group which isn't surprising due to the pricks known as boys in our year. Everyone introduced themselves to Santiana. "So tell us something about yourself then" inquired Sara. She was my best friend since forever. Santiana replied " My name is Santiana Benitez, Im from Spain, I moved over here with my mother and I enjoy art and music"

The questions continued and it wasn't long before the boys form the opposite side of the room decided to added their own sort of questions and comments like " Your fit", " you single?" and " like any of us?" God now you can see what I mean when I used the terms pricks. A simple way to describe them is not fully matured. I could see Santiana was overwhelmed "Don't listen to them idiot's haha" I told her.

Santiana's POV

I looked at my timetable, next lesson was maths. This made me sort of happy. As sad as it sounds I kind of enjoy maths. Rochelle walked me over to introduce me to the teacher. I wasn't really listening, instead just looking around this room it smelt funny but it seemed alright in its appearance. Rochelle turned round to look at me and smiled. God her smile was to die for. Her teeth were pearly white and her gorgeous jawline was defined as she raised the sides of her mouth to create a smile. After talking to the teacher for a bit Rochelle guided me to the back of the classroom.

"You've been kicked out Lex" said Rochelle to this tall blonde girl that sat to the right of the desk at the very back of the classroom. The other girl reacted to her in a way to suggest that they had been friends for ages. That's what I wanted to get out of moving to this school, someone I can be myself with. Rochelle and the girl she was talking both seemed so amused whilst they were tangled up in their own little banter. It was cute. "There you go a nice warm chair" Rochelle smiled to me. God I wish she would stop. "Gra.. Thank you" she replied kindly.

The clock just reached 10 as a bell rang out, I wasn't used to this we didn't have bell at my old school, but I guessed the lesson was over. "Do you want to go for food or do you have something?" I never usually ate until lunch time so I replied "No its cool im too nervous to be hungry". We walked along the corridor I had walked through first thing this morning to get to student services, but now it was full of travelling student whereas this morning is was quiet and free or people. We reached a door with the sign 'room 6' and Rochelle opened the door. I spotted a large group of girls in the back left corner of the room and guessed that was where we were heading. Correct.

Rochelle introduced me to a group of around 6 girls. . "So tell us something about yourself then" asked a skinny girl with fairly curly mousy brown hair. " My name is Santiana Benitez, Im from Spain, I moved over here with my mother and I enjoy art and music" I replied I has no idea what to say and I didn't want to reveal everything in the first 5 minutes of meeting these girls as lovely as they all seemed.

The girls continued to question me but it was cool because at least they wanted to get to know me. Then I heard several deeper voices asking me questions so I looked over to the right to see u group of boys all staring at me. I didn't want to be rude but I didn't want to answer their questions or reply to their comments, I just felt awkward. "Don't listen to them idiot's haha" Rochelle butted in.

Just another chapter to pass the day and introduce the other characters that and going to be featuring throughout