Truths in the car - Santiana

"So na-na how was your first day?" asked mamá as she kissed my cheek and to explain na-na of them childhood nicknames that my mum gave me that sticks for life. "It was much better than I imagined actually: the teachers seem nice and I definitely got put to follow the right person, Rochelle and all her friends seem like really nice girls so far." "Im glad you liked it my cariño, and I can see what you mean about Rochelle… is it? Beautiful manners and maturity for such a young girl" "Yeah, she was so polite and caring today making sure I knew my way around and that I was included by everyone." I smiled back to mama. She put her hand on my knee "So did you tell them?" she questioned. "If you mean that I like girls then no I didn't, and not because I want to hide it because they seem like lovely girls but no I want them to get to know me first before they judge me for the people I like" I replied strongly. My mum knew I was gay and luckily from the day I came out last year on my birthday she has been nothing but supportive and that's all I want, I don't want to be made to feel different and my mama knew it didn't change me. "Well good move and when the time is right they will still love you just as much as me." We came to a set of traffic lights and mama turned around and gave me the biggest and cheesiest smile. 'I think im going to like it here'

So here is the short chapter telling you a bit more about Santiana