The smell of the freshly dug dirt filled my senses and made choking back the tears impossible. For the past two years Emmett had been my best friend and boyfriend, but now he was gone forever. The funeral and accident was all a blur and cut to deep. I closed my eyes hoping it would go all away, but instead the memory of when I first met Emmett came into my mind.

It had been a normal morning and nothing out of the ordinary until I met him. It was first period and a tall, handsome guy slid into the seat next me. "Hello I'm Emmett." He smiled and offered his hand. I smiled back and shook his hand "I'm Aleix" we hushed as the teacher came in, but both kept sneaking looks at each other.

After a brief discussion of what our assignment was she came over to our desk and asked me to give Emmett a briefing of how the assignments were expected to look and what previous assignments we had completed. We had talked the whole period and not just about the writing class, but about ourselves.

Thinking back now we clicked instantly and I would never feel that with someone again. We became friends first then three months later he asked me to winter formal after that we became a couple and now two years and one month later I was staring at Emmett's coffin never going to be in his arms ever again.

Why did he have to leave me so soon? How would I ever be the same? We were graduating this year and we couldn't have been more excited. We both had been accepted into University of Washington and were going to start our life together.

Just as the first day I met him was fresh in my mind so was the accident that took him and our future away from me. I stared at the coffin thinking about riding in the car home from the basketball game with him and how he told me he loved me for the very last time. The rain started to come down and Emmett took the curve to fast the car slide on the road into the other lane then went for the steep embankment. I heard Emmett yell at me to cover my head and that was when I felt my head hit the window and everything went black.

I woke up to beeping machines and my arm in a cast. My mom was yelling to the nurses that I was awake which made my head ache even worse. I couldn't understand why Emmett wasn't in the chair next to my mom. That was when the doctor came in and explained I had been in an accident, but he refused to answer any of my questions about Emmett. The nurse checked me out and asked about the pain I said I was fine I wanted to see Emmett, but she gave me more sleeping medicine in my IV. Before I passed back out I asked my mom if Emmett was ok she kissed my forehead and quietly said no at that moment my world shattered.

I let the tears flow as I looked at the coffin one last time. I knew Emmett would want me to be happy and love again, but now was to soon. I gently touched the coffin the whispered quietly "I will always love you." Then as the rain started to fall just had it done the day my life changed forever I turned away from the coffin and took a deep breath knowing life goes on even in its hardest moments.