"I dare you to...Go into that creepy house on your street and take pictures to show to me tomorrow!" shouted a tan girl with very dark brown, almost black hair, very enthusiastically. Her piercing light blue eyes indicated the challenge was something her friend couldn't back out of.

"Vivian..that's trespassing," responded the pale complected brunette that sat to Vivian's right. The two girls were sitting on a bench in the town park eating ice cream. The spring air swirled sakura blossom pettles around them.

"But Kisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! It's a dare! You HAVE TO!"

"Fine! Fine! I'll do it!" Kisa caved into the spunky girl's pleading. This girl will be the death of me. She thought smiling sweetly at Vivian. Kisa and Vivian had been best friends since the moment the met in Kindergarten.

Kisa was always the quiter of the two, but the girls were practically conjoined at the hip. Vivian pulled a camera out of the bag she had brought with them. "You have to take a picture with this. I wont accept anything but the pictures on this camera!"

Kisa rolled her eyes but laughed at Vivian's specific instruction and took the camera from her thin hands. "Of course you wouldn't. In fact, on my way home i'll march right up to that big black door and stroll right into the house."

"That's the spirit!" Vivian chuckled while standing up to head home herself. "See ya!" Kisa waved goodbye and headed in the direction of home.

Kisa's Pov

I pulled my jacket tighter around my body as the wind began to pick up. I can't believe I agreed to Viv's dare...She has such a way with words. Maybe if i just take a photo of the outside, that would prove I was there! No...Viv would find a way to say that's not proof.

Actually...I've always been intrested in that old beautiful house. This might not be a bad time to check it out. I approached the end of my street where the big beauty sat. I gripped the camera and my bag closer to my body.

I stood outside staring at the old house. The grass looked freshly cut and the stone path was recently hosed down. As I made my way down the path I noticed the knocker on the door was in the shape of a dragon head; Its eyes made from ruby jewels.

The sun made the eyes glissen just so. I smiled admiring the sheer beauty of such a simple thing. To me, the simplest things could bring someone the most happiness they could ever have.

I quickly shifted my head to one of the windows where the curtian shifted. Nothing was there but...I'm sure something moved it.. There couldn't actually be anything haunting this place...right?

There's only one way to find out! Go into the house... I reached for the handle but the door swong open into darkness. "H-Hello?" I heard myself studdar. No answer..

I stepped inside. "Is someone here? I um...I was just admiring your beautiful house," I said into the open air. A chill ran up my spine when the door squeeked closed. Goosebumps grew on my arms and I blinked to ajust to the darkness of the home.

The inside of the house was beautifully decorated even in the dark. The stair case to my right looked like it had hand carved designs along the bottom of it. A painting of a very pretty young woman was hung on the wall to my right. Her eyes had a certian glint to them which made her look all the more beautiful.

I turned on the camera to take a picture of just this area because it just does not feel right trespassing on the property. I turned to take a photo of the stair case then gasped and dropped the camera at what I saw...

There was a quick flash and I caught a glimpse of a person. Then I noticed bright golden eyes staring at me. "S-Sorry! I didn't mean to bardge in like this!" I appologized quickly.

The eyes flashed to the camera on the floor that had fallen moments ago. After a few moments of silence...I picked up the camera and shoved it into my school bag. "I'm sorry again!"

I felt my body rush out the door and head home..I don't know who that was but..I really would like to find out.


"Gimmie the cameraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a!" The impact of Viv's body made me hit the floor with a loud thud.

"Ow! Viv! I told you to stop doing that!"

"Sorry" She laughed. "Now gimmie the camera! I wanna see what you found in the house!"

I'd like to know that too. Who or what did I see there yesterday? I handed her the camera from my bag and walked to our first class When I noticed Viv wasn't blabbing anymore I turned around.

"Viv?" She stood with a very weird look on her face as she stared into the camera.

"WHO ARE YOU STALKING KISA TSUJI!" she shouted. I felt eyes on me from every angle. "Vivian! Shush!"

"But look at this!" she shoved the camera in my face practically poking me in the eyes. I blinked to regain focus of my eyes and stared at the camera in the same way Vivian did only moments ago.

What stared back at me were those golden eyes from yesterday except...except a face belonged to those eyes. Looking back at me through the camera was a very pale boy. His hair was so blonde that it could be considered white! He looked to be about my age, but how come I've never seen him before?

It's amazing I could only see just his eyes in that house...

I have to find out who this Mystery Boy is and why he was in that house. Maybe it isn't abandoned like everyone at school thought...