Every day after school for the past few weeks I would stand in front of that house trying to work up the courage to go back inside. I'm still very curious about who that boy is. Sometimes I feel like he's in there just waiting for me to go back inside. Or at least that's what I want to believe.

Vivian asks every day if I've been back but the answer is always the same; No. "Kisa, I can't walk with you after school today," Vivian said to me while we stood at our lockers. "Why not?" It was unusual for her to say something like this.

"Well, you know that boy Derek I was telling you about?" I knew him. He's not the best looking boy in the world, but he sure is nice. "Yeah?"

Vivian smiled wide. "Well we're hanging out after school. Well actually, it's for a project but I consider It hanging out!" I smiled with her. I knew she liked him!

"Okay, I'll walk home alone today."

. . .

The rain picked up when I was halfway home. When I stepped out of the school earlier it had only been sprinkling slightly.

Unfortunately for me, I left my umbrella at home. I held my school bag over my head and sprinted up the street. I think I misjudged a puddle because the next thing I knew, I was on the ground covered in water and my bag landed in someone's yard.

I glanced down at my stockings. There was a hole in the knee and sharp pain shot up my leg when I moved it. By now my hair was soaked and my clothes were sticking to me. I stood at walked over to my bag.

When I picked it up, I realized I was standing in front of that house. I stared at it for a moment; hoping to see those golden orbs… Then the door creaked open. Call me crazy, but I think I'm being invited in. I slowly walked over to the door which was still open.

It seemed like no one was inside but something told me that there were in fact people there. I stepped inside a bit curious. "Thank you…" I said to nowhere in particular.

I stood there shivering and looked around. When I turned to face the window, I found a white towel in my face. "You'll get cold…" someone said. I took the towel and pulled it out of my face. Standing in front of me was that boy from the last time I visited.

He was looking off to the side. I couldn't tell if he was nervous or just didn't want me to stare for so long. Wait…I'm staring? "Thanks again," I responded while drying my hair. It was a little awkward for a few minutes.

"You're all wet…" He said, his golden orbs eyeing me from head to toe. I blinked and felt my face flush a little bit. "I um…fell in a puddle."

I squeezed my shirt out onto the towel trying to get it as dry as possible. I felt the boy's eyes staring at me while I did my best to keep from dripping everywhere. Another awkward silence fell upon us like a ton of bricks. I coughed and extended my right hand. "I'm Kisa Tsuji. It's a pleasure to meet you!"

The boy stared at my hand a bit confused then shook it with his left hand. His skin was ice cold and it sent a tingle up my arm. "Niroa DeLuca…"

Niroa? That's an unusual name... "My mother gave the name to me…She's kind of crazy like that."

…..I think he reads minds. I pulled my hand away after realizing we were still shaking hands. I looked out the window to check if the storm let up at all. Nope. Still pouring out. Sigh, so much for getting home before Mom. I handed Niroa back the towel he had given me and walked over to the door.

"Where are you going..?" He asked me quietly. "Well...home of course."

"But it's still raining…"

"I know that but I don't want to bother you by being he—." I sneezed before I could finish my sentence.

"You're catching a cold…" Niroa started to walk up the stairs and motioned for me to follow. I hesitated a moment before actually doing it. He led me past five rooms before stopping in front of a door with purple ballet slippers hanging on it. "Wait here," He instructed me before going in.

I shifted my weight to my left foot and instantly felt the pain shooting up my thigh. I looked down at my knee and saw blood dripping down my leg. "Crap…" I mumbled.

I applied pressure to my knee to stop the blood from continuing to pulse out. Right now…I kind of wish I kept that towel.

The sound of something hitting the door made me look up to see what happened. Niroa dropped some clothes he was holding and covered his mouth with one hand. His eyes were no longer that beautiful golden color…but instead, scarlet red.

"Are you okay…?"

His body started to shake. First slightly, then it became more obvious something was wrong. "Niroa?"

Niroa suddenly stopped shaking and stared at my knee. His hand moved away from his pale face revealing…two fangs.