The whirling euphoria, the hilarity and the joy, that sweet, happy glow.

Entranced stares, thoughtful puzzlement, sweet day dreams.

Looks of pure joy, smiles as bright as the sun. Yawning and lying down in my bed, almost ready to sleep, as you eat dinner, just getting home from a long school day

You make a quick retort, light and witty, and we banter as the night wears on. Smiles are exchanged as stupid comments are shot back and forth like blow darts, snipped and laced with mock-poison

Sending sharp jabs, then falling back laughing at your failed attempt at puns, quickly return to our game of push, pull, pressing and prideful

'Give me a second'. Quickly working to control the situation, to fight to the top and to laugh with you about the things we dream of

Me. You. Us

Shivers tingling up and down my spine, the knowing glances I send, knowing where both our minds went. Shivers running across my skin, making your presence that much more.

My heart thumping in my chest, feeling as though you are in the room with me, not across an ocean.

Dear, don't go; don't make me spend more time alone. Missing you missing the old days and the old times, times when we were more alive, times when things were easier and more meaningful to me.