(A/N- This is going to be an on-going bit of pieces and parts, due to the fact that everyone seems to think doubting me is okay -_- but yea, its on-going, so be ready for more Doubts Pt. # :3 )

This writhing anger,

This deplorable rage.

Can't help but be furious,

Yet another in the crowd.

Screaming and fighting,

Lashing out with all of my strength.

And yet still it seems,

Nothings good enough.

Am I really that little?

That worthless to it all?

All I try to be, what I try to do,

Seems like no one believes,

They don't think it's true.

Is it not worth the trouble?

Should I just give up?

Everyone's bursting my bubble.

I just can't take it anymore, the lies and the jokes,

The truth of it all, there's no way to cope.

I've always been this, always been down here,

Losing myself, losing my hope.