Love, Song & Bad Poetry

Introduction - Longing

Have you ever noticed that, until we reach the age of around thirteen, we never really care about how we look, act or sound? Have you also ever noticed that, it was also around that age, that we all began to really consider the future? What would we have been doing ten years in the future?

Well, let me tell you why that is. That view, that perspective on life, is shoved down our throats by the adults and, supposedly, more mature kids. Once oneself enters highschool, things change from having fun and using our own imagination to pass the time to worrying about whether we could be considered popular and how, if you don't lose your virginity before sixteen and start drinking like an old pirate, you're considered as being a loser. This is how life changes when you become a teenager; how highschool takes a dramatic effect on us all socially and mentally. Only, there's one problem: Highchool never ends.

Yep! Seems that everyone is too preoccupied with being who others want them to be rather than focusing on who they themselves want to become! This applies to almost everyone!


See, I wanted to become a writer. Why? It's a way of keeping my imagination going; preserving my inner child. Sure, this isn't what makes me different to everyone else, but it's an important factor. What makes me different from everyone else in society isn't what I want to do or, even, who I am. What makes me different is the strange individual that seemed to bring my perfectly normal world crashing down. And, as most of you would expect, it's a woman. Better yet, a girl (Judging as she was nineteen when I met her).

Now, I could go on about her for a while and still I wouldn't even scratch the surface of just how…unique she truly is. So, I've decided that I'm merely going to let you find out; to go through the events that her and I were involved in yourself. So sit back, relax and prepare to be told a story about love, song and bad poetry.

Chapter One - Trip To Wonderland

Six years. It was an entire six years in total since me and my three friends had decided to take this trip, and about four of those were actually planning it. After touching down on the ground, we had run to the front of the airport and met up with the uncle of one of my companions. On this trip was myself, Greg, Simon and Michael.

"Uncle Toby! How've you been?" Michael greeted, clearly elated by the sight of his relative.

"Michael! Good to see ya!" The grey-haired man responded, practically throwing open his arms and taking his nephew in an embrace. After a final pat on the back, Toby turned his attention onto the rest of us. "You must be Simon?"

Simon was unable to hide a smirk as the man pointed to him. "That's me!"

As Toby shook Simon's hand, he stared at the smaller fellow stood next to him. "You're Greg, yes? Apparently you're a whiz with vehicles?"

Finding it hard to resist the urge of boasting, Greg eventually gave in. "I am, indeed! Pleasure to finally meet you."

Then, Toby turned his attention to me. He frowned for a moment, before smirking. "And you're the infamous Lucas, am I right?"

"Infamous?" I asked, now smirking myself. "Whatever do you mean?"

"You're the one that caused a ruckus, ya know! First you're coming, then you're not, then you are, then you're not! That was a cycle for a while, it seemed, 'til you were eventually persuaded into venturing all the way here to good ol' Canada!"

"Well," I start, my grin never fading, "I hated the idea of imposing. After all, you barely know us, and to let us into your home-"

"Don't give me that!" Toby cut in. "I know a man in love when I see one! The only reason you wasn't going to come was down to a girl, wasn't it?"

Chuckling, I answer, "Of course not! If it was anything, I wanted to further my writing skills by finally attending university."

"That can wait, though!" Michael jumped in.

"He's right." Agreed Toby. "Once you've finished your trip here, I certainly won't be letting you come back to stay with me! After all, I've been on a lads holiday myself, and I know how messy and rowdy it can get!"

"Well, I certainly appreciate you letting us stay over. It saved us having to wait another ten years!" I finally thanked, and I truly meant it.

"It's alright!" He waved. "I'm sure we'll all get on! Just remember that, where I live," Pausing for a moment to help load some suitcases, Toby finishes, "nothing much in the way of interesting happens."

"It'll be just fine, Toby! We really can't thank you enough for this!" Michael said, bearing a gleeful smile.

After that, the drive in Toby's truck took about a good four or five hours, which allowed Michael to catch up with his relative while we became good friends with the man. Really, with his attitude, Toby could have claimed to be a teenager, nevermind a young adult like us.

Eventually, there was a sign by the side of the ice-layered road that read 'Tarentia'. Don't bother asking me how that name came about!

As we the road suddenly shot down a large hill, the whole town was within view; a gorgeous sunset serving as the background. Almost immediately, we all 'wowed' in sync. It was a small community, and some don't even know it exists. Guess you could call it a kind of 'secret haven'. Just a few miles away was the perfect place to do some skiing, though Simon was more of a snowboarder. There was a small bar, which looked more like an English pub, which would mean we'd fit right in. There was a number of independent convenience stores, and then there was also a fancy restaurant somewhere.

Truly, we'd struck gold.

Toby's house rested just outside the main area of town, a mere ten minutes walk away. After following a small dirt road, it was within sight. It had a wooden porch, was a one-story building but made up for this in width.

As we entered through the front door, we were instantly greeted with colours of brown and red, as well as a real fireplace, and two sofas which were also accompanied by an armchair that rested directly before the television.

"Now!" Toby clapped his hands together, gaining our attention. "Greg, your room is just down the hall, that'ta way! Simon, you're just next to him! Lucas you're just there!" Following his finger, I walk towards the wooden door just to the side of the living room. "Michael, you know where you are. Now, about what we'll need…"

The door shuts behind me, and I turn the light on. The room was small and compact, yet had a great sense of warmth. The bed was large, or so it seemed given the space it was in. There was a wardrobe to my left, just next to the door. A set of drawers also resided alongside the bed, with a hideous lamp on it's top. Nothing can be perfect, right? The walls were a creamy colour, and the carpet a strong red.

'Yes.' I thought, happily. 'This'll do nicely.'

After unpacking my things, I walked into the living room once more. It seemed Simon was already watching something on the box, so I supposed that meant he had already claimed the chair for his own. I then saw Michael writing something on the coffee table, between the two sofas, with Toby next to him.

"You sure that's all you'll need?" The older man asked.

Michael nodded. "Of course! We're not looking to spend all our money straight away, Toby."

"I know, I know! But, I'm more than willing to lend you-"

"Absolutely not! I won't allow it!" Michael stopped him, raising his hand. He then looks out of the window. "Hmm…seems it's snowing. One of us should head to town and grab what's on here."

"I'll go." Toby volunteered, instantly. "I can take the car."

Michael simply gave his uncle a glare, before pointing to the newly poured glass of whisky, which was already half empty, that sat next to the paper, making Toby fall silent.

As I stared outside, I deduced that the snow would continue to fall, so there was no waiting it out. However, it was falling gently and didn't seem like it would be too much bother.

"I'll go get the stuff." I walked over, smiling. "Could use some fresh air after that trip."

Both Michael and Toby looked to me unsurely, with even Simon himself peering over the back of his chair. Seemed they all knew I could be completely hopeless with such things.

After letting out a sigh, Michael muttered, "Alright. Just make sure to go to this shop." He handed me the list and pointed to a name at the top. "That should have everything we need."

"Roger." I said before making my way to the door. As I was about to leave, I noticed Simon still staring at me, unsurely. "What?"

And so, after that, I made my way towards the town of Tarentia, completely unaware of the harsh hand fate was about to deal me. For it was on that night, in that town where I would meet her. And let me tell you, she was an odd one…


Introduction and Chapter One done! Was going to extend it so that you'd meet 'her', but decided to wait a bit. No use in rushing, eh? Anyhow, thanks for reading, I really appreciate it. And keep your eyes open for the next chapter!