I decided to start writing this story again. I don't know why, I just got the overbearing desire to continue it. So here is the prologue.

This story will have eventual femslash. Don't like it? No one is forcing you to read it, so go away.

Prologue: The Goddesses Angels and the Demon

Many generations ago, the continent of Rotma was in turmoil. The countries were at war with one another, scorching the land and leaving it barren. Death and destruction were left in places that had once been peaceful.

The Gods and Goddesses frowned upon the bloodshed, thus, turning their backs on humanity.

The countries were so inattentive towards everything but the war that they failed to notice a growing danger lurking on the border of a neighboring continent.

An ambitious man by the name of Alaminus had gathered his followers on the edge of Rotma. He was educated in the dark arts of summoning, and was planning on using his skills to summon Kjiquan, a powerful demon from the Dark World. Alaminus believed that he himself was powerful enough to control Kjiquan, and, when he had gained enough strength, he opened a portal, linking the Dark World and his own world together.

When Kjiquan stepped through the doorway to the world of humans, a large amount of his power was sapped from his body. Although he was still powerful, Kjiquan decided not to act against Alaminus as of yet. He disdainfully swore loyalty to the man who summoned him and agreed to help the arrogant man become the emperor of the entire world. Despite his oath to the human, Kjiquan schemed behind his new master's back. Once he had gained his power back, the demon planned on forcing Alaminus off of his throne and taking it for himself, becoming the demon emperor of the world.

Alaminus was oblivious to Kjiquan's scheming, believing that the demon's loyalty would never waver. The summoner, with the help of the dweller from the Dark World, thwarted the forces of the countries of Rotma and took control of the continent. He ruled Rotma with an iron fist, and crushed any resistance against him. Battle after battle was won, and overconfidence overtook the mortal man. Alaminus yearned for more, and his power hungry eyes began to stray to the neighboring continent of Polios.

By now, Alaminus had been ruling Rotma as the emperor for a few years. Kjiquan had finally regained all of his power, and it was time to put his plan into action. He confronted the summoner and threatened the man to give him the throne or die.

Alaminus had always been a cowardly man despite his confidence, choosing to stand back while others did his dirty work for him. With Kjiquan, the cause of his overconfidence, turning against him, the man was at a loss. Alaminus fell to his knees, groveling, begging for his life.

Kjiquan made Alaminus his servant, and the demon began setting his sights on world conquest.

The people of Rotma, the rich and poor, the young and old alike of all the races, prayed to their Gods and Goddesses for help, for a way to be freed from this reigning terror.

The Gods and Goddesses still upset over the needless bloodshed from the war between the humans, blamed humanity for the situation they were currently in.

Amnestia, the goddess of light, however, tried to persuade them that humanity could not have known of the trouble lurking in the shadows. She believed that the people should not be blamed for something they could not control.

None of the Gods listened to her, all except one. Lunaryn, the goddess of shadow, listened to Amnestia's words and agreed with her. They decided to aid the people in some way; however they would not be able to face Kjiquan themselves, lest the other Gods become enraged from their actions.

Instead, the two goddesses made embodiments of themselves in two girls. Both girls were given the mark of a cross upon their skin, a symbol of their intertwining destinies.

To defeat Kjiquan, the goddesses poured all of their power into making twin blades. Faronea, the katana of light, and Ilandrix, the katana of shadow. Both weapons were given to the girls, and they were told that these blades were the only thing that would harm Kjiquan.

Amnestia also created an orb that would later be known as the Demon's Orb. Once Kjiquan was defeated, the girls were to use the orb to imprison the demon's soul inside of it.

After much peril, they succeeded in encasing him. The goddesses stripped Alaminus of his magic powers, and Rotma fell into an era of peace.

The people of Rotma praised their goddesses and their saviors. Time passed and the two girls passed away. The people placed Faronea, the light katana, into Amnestia's temple, while Ilandrix, the shadow katana, went to Lunaryn's temple. However, the Demon's Orb had vanished. Men spent years searching for the dangerous object, but to no avail. Eventually they gave up their search and the orb was forgotten.

Amnestia and Lunaryn, both certain that the Demon's Orb was still somewhere in the world, made it so that the two girls would be reborn in a never-ending life cycle. When they passed away, they would be reborn into the world as babies, bearing the sacred mark of the cross upon their skin. This way they would be able to protect the world if the demon Kjiquan ever returned.

Over time, the story of the goddesses' angels faded into legend…

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