Sonnet 13

Torn in two, stretched between you and you

"follow your heart" they say, like it's profound

But which shattered piece? Then what should I do?

As they fly elusively and unbound.

I watch as others catch them and let go

As if toying with it is just a game

Sorrow with each careless caress can't show

They all steal a piece, now it's broken, lame.

I have loved and lost so many a time

It's not much but I'd like you to have it

I think we belong, like a clock does chime

Your heart with mine, a beautiful fit.

I thank my losses, they bought me to you

And now I'm filled with a love so true.

_,∙~* All But Faceless *~∙,_

I'm not entirely sure whether I like this one or not, tell me what you think :)