Youth long past

Sonnet 14

She's got a body like an hour glass

Ticking like a clock, it can't deny time

Desperate to hold on to youth long past

Not good enough? Can't stay in the light lime.

She wanted a radical solution

Now she's full of Botox and silicon

Plastic features an abomination

Oh poor girl, those changes can't be undone.

Are you happy alone with vanity?

Because when the next new thing comes along

You will damn to hell your insanity

With the rest of the Barbie's you'll belong.

God has made us beautiful and unique

You've twisted nature and now you're the freak.

_,∙~* All But Faceless *~∙,_

I personally don't understand why people feel the need mess with their faces to appear 'classically beautiful' but then again I've never been on to obey normal social conventions.

Do you think I'm (once again) talking rubbish? Feel free to share your views.