Russian Roulette

Sonnet 16

A loaded gun sitting in front of me

We know one of us must die here tonight

Russian roulette, it's not a game you see

I pity our chances, can't flee, can't fight.

One bullet in the barrel, two players

We go once, twice, tree times and then again

In our luck we are not strong believers

Tears nearly falling but we must refrain.

She lifts it, points it at her head and prays

I hold her hand, my fate undecided

If only I'd know, I'd not waste my days

She pulls the trigger, and then BANG! She's dead.

Should I be rejoicing as I've survived

Or filled with grief as I watched as she died?

_,∙~* All But Faceless *~∙,_

I don't actually know what I'm talking about, but I thought it would be good subject matter.