When you see an eagle,
you might see a wild bird.

But what I see is this.
A simple dream, A dream that America was built on.
I see freedom, liberty, and a simple dream.

I see the dream in Everything we do,
, build,
or grow. What would this world be
without their American dreamers?

War,strife, famine, drought, and epidemnets
Will have broke the world's spirit.
Every where we go, there is at least one dreamer.
So a world depends on America and her dream.

An eagle flying reminds me to never giver up our dreams.
They are the stuff that holds empires, galaxies together.
Many a great things were dreams once.

So watch that eagle fly and let your dreams soar, too.
Because dreams are good. Bells ring because of them.
Eagles soar on it, Ladies in harbors salute it and hold it up also.
That's what an Eagle flying is to me, dear reader.