Stop talking, stop talking

I wanted to scream at them

Love doesn't exist, how can it?

So please stop telling me

How much he means to you

How nice she makes you feel

You are mistaking the feeling of lust

For a myth

Hormones is all it is

I've never felt love

They told me that one day

I'd know, that my heart would pound

That I couldn't stand to be without him

But no, I told myself.


If I had ever felt something akin to love though

It might have been him

Why did he stay, why did he wait?

All I did was push him away

They all tell me that when you're in love

You can't sleep, can't eat

Sounds like torture to me

No, I repeat

Love cannot exist

No, no never

Even if he accepts the cuts on my wrists

Even if my heart pounds when I see him

Even if I can't sleep

Even if this feeling makes me starve

It's not love

Not love

Even if I want him desperately

Lust, lust, lust

Then though, in defeat

I will admit out loud

I was only trying to convince myself

But alright already, alright

Maybe love

Does exist