Inside one large, unruly mansion, things were tense. A man sat inside, preparing for something, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Rain poured down in buckets and the wind howled maliciously through its rafters. Even amid the fog and rain, the moon was visible. It gave off a red aura, inevitably giving the sky a deathly look. A harvest moon. The sky was a blend of black and gray with flecks of white and red. Nothing was normal, there was something eerie about that night, something waiting to happen.

Lightning flashed outside, and the house shook with the thunder. The man sat in front of the crackling fire, his head bowed and looking at the ancient carpet. His hands rose in an upward and downward motion. Rain pattered down on the roof, and with a crackle, the electricity went out. In a burst of lightning, his silhouette rose side by side, with another conjured object that hadn't been there previously. A mirror.

The man inspected his handiwork carefully. He smiled, a ruthless, menacing smile. The mirror gave off a strange luminescent glow and looked otherworldly, alien. The dead lights had slowly flickered back on and the mirror seemed to ripple, to adjust to the new light. One might even think it was alive, given life from the tendril of lightning that flashed through the dusty, billowing sky.

He reached a hand out to touch the mirror, and instead of finding a smooth, hard, surface, his hand slipped through the clear glass, almost like how one would stick a finger into the water. This was it. The creation he had been dreaming of, for centuries now. It was complete.

However, even he knew he could not fully grasp the terrors within it, only know that it was dangerous. Very dangerous. But he could not wait any longer. He had waited for years-centuries, actually. He could wait no longer. With a serene, mysterious smile, the man slipped inside the mirror, it enveloping his body fully, not leaving a trace of the presence that had been in the room mere seconds ago. The mirror rippled, seemingly content. It sat alone in the bare, crudely furnished room; with the drapes hung, the door locked.

One day passed.

Two days passed.

Three days passed.

Years passed.

The man never came out.

Author's note: Hi everyone! This is just the prologue, so the guy and the time setting don't have much to do with the actual story. Well, I guess a little. But that depends. Anyways, if anyone actually reads it I'll upload soon. :) Oh, and I'm also sorry about the really short chapter, I promise to make the rest longer.