Francesca POV

After we stumbled through the portal, Alexis glided right in afterwards. It's actually kind of depressing, with her floating around mute and all, all like 'A flower ate me, but you could have saved me' sort of way. Anyways, I try not to think about it too much. The instant we come in, Aurore yells with glee. I can totally understand why. Around us, 20 something televisions float around us, looming like great big flytraps above us. To me they look menacing; TV's always been Aurore's sort of thing. When I turn around, the stranger is standing up and dusting his white clothes, which looks almost like a lab coat. Creepy, but this dude's the key to our survival. Alexis gives him a haughty, rejected look, and floats up to me. She is moving her hands around wildly, but I have better things to do that play charades with Alexis's ghost. Ugh.

Our food rations are running low. We've just about finished our sandwiches, and the apples are getting soft. We do have a little peanut butter left, but with another mouth to feed, I'd say we've got less than a week before it all runs out. Good thing Alexis doesn't eat...

I look back to our surroundings, and the man and I sit in quiet, companionable silence while Aurore runs around, inspecting different shows and movies on the wide TV screens. He seems to really be enjoying himself. When I am just about ready to doze off, Aurore's voice calls out to me. "Francesca? I gotta go to the bathroom."I silently smack myself. How could I forget about the bathroom.
"I'll find you one, " I call back to Aurore. I desperately search the surroundings. I need to go too. Where do you find a bathroom in TV-land? Oh, I think, as my eyes land on a tree a few yards away from the big plasma screen TV. Oh, yuck. I really am desperate. But isn't that what they do when people go camping? Well, beggars can't be choosers. One by one, we file to go, and then in an unspoken agreement, lie down on the- what, porcelain?- floor, and curl up to fall asleep. Before my eyes close, I vaguely register Alexis's face grinning maniacally over Aurore.

When I wake up, the ceiling above the floating TVs are now a light, soft shade of blue, almost mimicking the sky. One look, then, at Aurore, makes me gasp with laughter. Alexis has apparently given Aurore a makeover, a very visible one at that. His eyes are very heavily shaded in a purple-blue indigo color with sparkles, and his lips are very, VERY pink. his cheeks are nearly red, and colored like an apple. He even has mascara on! The mystery man wakes up and suppresses a giggle himself. I put my finger over my mouth and he smiles at me a little. Aurore yawns, and Alexis's spirit smiles evilly. We all hide our smiles as he stretches and smiles happily.

After a short breakfast, we look for another portal, and hopefully, another step closer to Mom and Dad, and home. Aurore is still covered all over in makeup, and he doesn't seem to know at all. We've been looking for hours, and the only thing we can see for miles round are big, floating television screens. It's actually kind of funny.

Aurore's POV

I've been searching for hours, and I'm starving. I reach to eat an apple, and it tastes so good. There's a red smudge on it, and it tastes a little manufactured...

"Curiouser and curiouser..." This place is really starting to seem more Alice in Wonderland. I mean, all this fantasy worlds stuffs and Alexis being dead and reincarnated. It's really really weird. But so far, this is the best world. I mean, this is my kind of world. Electronics. Something strange nabs at me though. My reflection in all these TV screens seem a little I take a closer look at myself,

and scream.

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