Your Own Skin

Its difficult
Feeling comfortable in your own skin
Feeling like an outsider looking in
An invisible wall
Separating you from me
All these people to blind to see
That, that girl is extraordinary

Instead they draw an invisible line
Marking her as a star never meant to shine

Don't they know she dieing inside
Killing her slowly
Forgetting she exists
Just another mark on their black list
A freak
A loser
An outcast

Sticks and stones could never break my bones
They've hardened over time
Never new that living could be such a crime
Always thought things would get better with time
But I've grown tired of looking for a sign to tell me I'm not alone
That maybe I don't have to do everything on my own

Some times I wonder if life is really worth it
Being spit on and shoved wasn't the life I dreamed
My reality being torn apart at the seams
Pieces of my soul taken bit by bit
Everypart of my life lit up in purple flames
I can't seem to look past the distant eyes of disdain
Can't help but start wondering if ever things can be okay
Wondering if its worth it to see another day

I'll lay here gazing up at the clouds
Wondering how I can be alive
If I'm not living
How can I love if I'm not risking
How can I still breath
When the air is so thick with tension
And despair
Leaving me to wonder if I should even dare speak another word
Dare dream another dream
Dare be who I want to be.

But whats a life without risking
Everything you are
To have you story of bravery written on a star
To become a memory burned in someones eyes

What do you do when your all alone
In a crowd of millions
Just another red star
Out shined by the bright yellow suns
Wondering when It'll be your turn
For your light to shine through.
For it to be you standing on the stage
Spotlight bright and shining dead center on you.

Will you freeze and give up the chance you've waited for your whole life
Or explode, a super nova
Give it all you got
Blinding everyone
Burning your name onto the corneas
Of everyone present

To love or not to love
To be or not to be
To choose the path everyone takes
Or screw them and the path less traveled to blaze your own

Don't be afraid to live
We're not promised tomorrow
Nor the next five minutes
So do you want to just exist pitifully head down afraid to take that chance
That maybe some one will like you for you
That maybe you can go out and actually be happy
Do you want to always be afraid


Do you want to fucking live?