Chapter Sixteen

We wait a few minutes longer, waiting for the boys to cool down. Nobody really spoke in that period. I don't think anyone had anything they really wanted to say. The tension from Cam and Sean earlier seemed to cling around the room, making it feel cold and uncomfortable. But still, we waited. When we realized that they most likely wouldn't be coming into the room again, Mark sighed and scratched his head in irritation.

"I suppose you both should head out first. I'll round them up and send you a quick text message when we've left and what the codes are." He said to me and I nodded. I looked over at Tessa.

"Ready?" I asked her and she nodded politely. She walked over to me and smiled gently.

"Let's go." We waved goodbye to Mark and headed out the kitchen door. We already had the address to office that Sean's grandfather worked at. It wasn't too far from here, a small one floor building with only a few other people occupying it. All we needed now, was a ride up there.

I walked behind Tessa, following her lead towards one of the two sleek black Lincoln towncar. A man appeared from behind the nearest car and bowed slightly towards Tessa.

"Miss. Manson, we are ready for you and your accompaniment." The man said clearly, showcasing his large balding head. Tessa nodded and the man opened up the car, waving her inside. Tessa ducked her head and got inside. She gave me a smile and waved me inside as well.

"Coming?" She asked with a slight laugh at my face. It felt so bizarre, seeing old men in suits open doors for you and to also see the nice and fancy cars pulled up and waiting for you. Tessa was so lucky, I wondered how she felt about all the attention and luxuries though. I nodded my head and ran over to the open door.

The inside of the car was just as fancy as the outside. Smooth and rough black leather seats, dark tinted windows, the little window thing to separate the driver and the people in the back. All it seemed to be missing was the mini bar on the side and a lights on the ceiling. Tessa sat with her back straight and chin up, looking straight through what she could see in the front window. I felt very un-lady like sitting next to her. My back leaned all the way into the seat, my butt sinking down halfway. My arms crossed across my chest and my eyes shifting around everywhere. Looking at Tessa and you could mistake her easily for some long lost princess. She was just so elegant, even if she wasn't wearing a wide black silked Victorian style dress with ruffles on the bottom and on the short sleeves, she'd still look like a porcelain princess doll.

She turned her head towards my gaze and gave me a curious look.

"What's wrong? Is something on my face?" She asked in an airy light tone. I shook my head and smiled awkwardly back.

"It's nothing, I was just thinking." I told her. She nodded without asking any further questions and turned back to looking straight ahead. I turned my head to look out the tinted window, watching the people walking on the streets turn their head and try to gaze through the window to see who was on the other side. They all looked like idiots, staring blankly trying to peer into the window. My lips pulled up into a tiny smile, thinking of how stupid they all looked. It reminded me of when I was little and I would try and do the same thing, but because I was little it didn't look quite so stupid on my face like it did on these grownups and teenagers.

The car pulled to a stop outside of Sean's grandfather's work, the red bricked building looking a bit rundown and in need of a few repairs. The driver got out of his car and pulled open the door on Tessa's side.

"Missus, we've arrived." He said, bowing to her again. Tessa nodded politely and climbed out of the car. I got out behind her and waited as she thanked the driver and told him to pick us up at least 4 hours from now. The man bowed to her and got back into the car and drove away. Tessa came over to me and smiled.

"Ready?" She asked. I shrugged and sighed.

"I guess." We walked up the short paved pathway to the wooden brown door. I rapped my fists on it and we sat silently, waiting for someone to answer. After 50 seconds, I tried again and waited 5 minutes with no answer for the second time.

I began to grow irritated and began to pound my fists on the door, Tessa trying to calm me down from behind. Finally, the door opened and I almost punched a tiny little old lady with pure white hair and a stricken look on her face at my fist. I caught myself in time and pulled away, standing beside Tessa. Tessa looked down at the lady and gave her stunning pearly white toothed smile.

"Hello miss. We're here on behalf of our friend, Sean Leveret. May we come in?" She asked politely. The old women gave Tessa the stanky eye, examining her up and down. After a few seconds she huffed.

"Now I can't be just anyone in here. You'd better have some good reason for coming in here." She said briskly. Tessa and I both gave each other a look, not sure exactly what to do.

"Um..well Mam. We came find a book that our friend's grandfather may have left here."

She gave us both a once over, sizing us up for something.

"You talking about that musty old book that the geezer Leveret was so fond of?" She asked suspiciously. My eyes lit up and I leaned in forwards.

"Yes! Do you know if he left it here?" I asked her excitedly.

"How am I supposed to know?" She sighed and opened the door wider for us. " I suppose you can come in and look for it." Tessa and I smiled at each other and we walked through the threshold and into a tiny dimly lit hallway. The walls were white but yellowing from age. The red carpet looked as though it had been vacuumed recently but stains and other messes were etched into it. If I didn't trust Sean so much, I'd have thought that he'd send me to some smokers hideaway. The women closed the door behind us and walked past, expecting us to follow her.

The hallway wasn't very large, there was 4 doors on each side of the wall and at the end on the corner was a rundown vending machine, a small beige table and a microwave on a makeshift table. The women stopped outside the 3rd door on the left. Above the door it looked as if something had been stuck on, a name tag maybe? But it had been taken off so all I could see was the holes in the wall from the nails that had been there. The women took out a et of keys from her pocket and put one into the keyhole on the silver doorknob. She twisted it and the door made an unlocking sound. She pulled open the door and set her keys back into her pocket. Then she turned to us and gave us a hard look.

"Now don't mess anything up too bad. We like to keep everything the same way as before. Someone will eventually rent this place out but until then I'd like it to stay the same." She told us. I didn't want to point out that the room had been vacant for quite a while already but I felt it was unnecessary at this moment.

"Thank you for this Miss...?" Tessa asked her.

"Im Winery, no miss needed." She said gruffly and turned around and walked away. We stood stunned for a moment at her bluntness. I mean I thought I was blunt at times, but she was quite a women. Once we got over it we walked inside, closing the door behind us. The room was the same as what I'd seen in my vision. Down to every single detail. I really made me realize how truly weird it was to be able to see past and present. But it also made me wonder if I could also see the future, like Tessa's bunny, Freya. Tessa browsed around the room, touching a book or a piece of equipment of some sort.

"This place is in need of some cleaning." She said absentmindedly. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

"Not the time Tessa. We have to see if the book is around here somewhere." I told her. She sighed and nodded.

"Of course. Has Mark send over the codes to get into the safe and locker that Sean talked about last night?" I reached into my back pocket and took out my phone. I turned it on and the tiny message icon was blinking at me. I put in the password to my phone and looked to see who the message was from. Mark's name flashed on the screen and I opened the message up.

Safe-14,26,32 Locker- 6,44,22

Call in 1 hr 45 mins.

I sighed and memorized the codes before putting it back into my pocket. Of course Mark would be counting down the time to the very minute. Not only because he was so studious but also because he had to deal with those two butting heads. I wished they'd get along...those jerks.

"Melanie?" Tessa asked. I blinked for a second then shook off my annoyance. I could dwell and yell at them once we got this over with.

"Yeah, I got them. Do you want to try those first or look around?" I asked her and she looked around dazed.

"Hm...let's look around for a bit. This place intrigues me." I held in a slight laugh at how light and airy her voice got.

"Okay then. I'll take the right side and you take the left."

I was looking through another stack of books that were littered on the floor everywhere when my phone began to vibrate rapidly. I opened it up and saw Mark's funny but cute picture of him scowling at me for even asking to take it. I opened it up and pressed the on button.

"Hi, Mark." I greeted.

"Actually, it's me." My heart warmed instantly and I could feel heat spreading through my cheeks and body. Just the sound of his voice seemed to make me dizzy and loose my concentration.


"Hey, babe." I blushed brighter. "Find anything?" He asked. I looked over at Tessa who was intently reading a book on her mountain of books. She'd been fascinated by every book she'd picked up to examine. She came over for each one and began to tell me why it was so cool and amazing and exciting. It was cute, but after awhile it felt like I was trying to appease a little kid to get them off of my back.

"Nothing," I said with a sigh. "How about you guys?" He paused for a minute then I heard the sound of a door shutting.

"Same here." He said slightly gruffer then he had before. I raised my eyebrows and gritted my teeth.

"You better not be still fighting, Sean Leveret."

"Did I mention you sound kinda hot when you say my full name? I should tell you, my middle name is Evan, just so you know my entire full name now." He said and I blushed furiously.

"D-Don't distract me. Don't fight anymore. Promise?" I pleaded and he sighed.

"I'll try. But if he comes at me don't expect me not to say something back." I massaged my nose to keep back my headache.

"Whatever. Talk to you in another couple hours."

"Love you." My eyes widened at the words. I was so taken aback I wasn't sure what to say. I held the phone numbly and blinked a few times to try to wake up my brain again.

"I love you too." I whispered and hung up quickly, my heart beating frantically. I put the phone back into my pocket and tried to act as normal as possible.

"Um they said they haven't found anything either. Should we try the locker and safe now?" I asked Tessa, braking her out of her revere of reading. She pouted but put down the book she had been holding.

"I suppose if I must." She mumbled quietly. I walked over to locker that was beside the dusty desk and picked up the lock. It was a sturdy, standard lock. Even pliers wouldn't be able to break this baby. I said the code silently under my breath and when I pulled back it glided out easily. I picked it up gingerly, feeling the anticipation surge through my body. I slowly pulled open the locker and peered inside.

Inside, to my disappointment was just samples of dirt and metals. All the samples were stacked neatly in rows and bags were stuffed on top of the jars. I couldn't believe someone wanted to even keep all this useless junk. I mean it was just dirt and metal. I suppose I would never be able to understand the fascination. I shut the locker and bit my lip in disapproval.

"Just stupid samples." I told Tessa bitterly. She walked up behind me and opened up the locker for herself. She examined inside of it for longer then necessary before she shut it up and said.

"Yes. Just sampled. My eye twitched. Of course, because I just said only 2 seconds ago that those were samples. I swallowed my irritation and sighed.

"I suppose if it's not in the safe, then it's not here at all." I told her. But she wasn't even listening to me.

Her eyes wandered around the room, not looking at anything in particular, simply looking. I tapped on her shoulder and she looked at me with a start.

"Hm?" She asked. I sighed and face palmed.

"Nothing. Just sit there and look around a bit more in case we missed something." I told her and she nodded and glided away. I shook my head and walked over to the far side of the room where the little safe was sitting inside of the wall. I had to angle myself oddly in order to be able to reach the key pad. My head rested against the wall while my arm flailed outwards and just touched the keypad. I had to turn my head awkwardly a bunch of times in order to be sure that I put the correct numbers in so that I wouldn't have to do it a second time.

Finally, I finished pushing in the code and lightly pressed the enter key. A clicking noise sounded out, telling me that it was unlocked. I turned myself some more in order to look through it closely. The result was that I was sitting on an unbalanced bunch of books, threatening to tip me over and bang my head against the old hard wood floor. I bit my lip and held my breath as I gently pulled open the safe door. Inside was one single piece of paper. It sat perfectly in the center of the space, folded gently 4 times and looked a bit yellowed with age. I wondered how old this piece of paper had been inside of that safe for. I reached my hand in and took it out, shutting the safe afterwards. Without thinking, I shut it normally and the sudden movement caused the books to collapse and I fell down, my head banging the ground. Tessa ran over and cradled my head in her lap.

"Melanie?" I began to see stars but tried to shake them away.

"I...fine. I just fell." She looked at me with such worry but then gently helped me sit up straight. She noticed the paper in my hand and pointed to it.

"What's that?" She asked. I held it up and began to unfold it.

"Not sure, guess we'll find out." I told her. Inside I found a message, a message addressed to Sean.

Dear Sean,

My dearest grandson. If your reading this then it must mean that I have passed on. Although I have hoped I have left you with something, anything that can help you. For awhile now, I've been researching that book we found years ago. As of now, I have found nothing. Nor have I been able to open the book either. The only sign I've had is that day you touched it and it shone. I believe in my heart that this book is a key to your destiny, your future. Although I have no idea what that is, I am sure this book holds those answers. So, as I end this message. I leave you with an I love you very much, and a hint at where I hid it. I wish I could tell you outright but I want to make sure you and only you find this book. So, I love you my grandson and will watch over you always.

Where the little bird chirps and underneath where little boy blue blows his horn.

I reread the last lines carefully. I couldn't understand the hint at all. I also tried

to forget the rest of the message. I shouldn't have read it. It hadn't been for me, but Sean. But curiosity had made me read further. I blinked a few times to get rid of the stars and then pulled out my phone and quickly dialed Sean again. It only took 1 ring before he answered.

"Hello?" I smiled into the phone.

"What? You know it's me and there's no witty or charming remark? That's unexpected of you." He chuckled.

"Alright, let's start over. Ehm. Hey babe, how's the most beautiful girl in the world doing?" I laughed and blushed slightly.

"Much more you. Anyways, I wanted to ask if this line meant anything to you. We found a note left by your grandpa and it's a hint to the book. "Where the little bird chirps and underneath where little boy blue blows his horn."" I told him.

He pondered on it for awhile, either reflecting that he had gotten a message from his grandfather or truly thinking about the words, I didn't , he came back on and sighed.

"In the room there should be a window. On the right side of the wall I think. Underneath it there should be a floorboard that I kicked all the way through from a temper tantrum as a young he never fixed it." I looked directly at Tessa and pointed to the wooden floorboards beneath the window. She caught on and immediatelyover to inspect them. I felt the rush of excitement, theanticipation of being so close.

The book. It had all the answers. All the clues and puzzle pieces would fit into place when we found it, read it. How I wanted to read it! It could hold the mystery to my powers, and why I was the only one who had them. I watched hungrily as Tessa dug her slender fingers into the creases of the floorboards, trying to dig them up and to reveal a loose one. Tessa's face was serene in concentration, her fingers worked delicately as she lightly lifted up the second last board and it popped open. I ran over and kneeled beside her, helping her to fully pull up the board and to gently place it beside me.

Inside it was dark and dust, it smelled musty and earthy all around us. When Tessa reached her hand inside, she made a grossed out face. I did not envy her for having done that. Her face then lit up in happiness and excitement as she quickly grabbed something and pulled it up. In her hands was the book. The beautiful red, leather bound book. It was simply, huge but so very beautiful. I almost wanted to wrap it in my arms and give it a big kiss. It was then that I remembered that Sean was on the other line of the phone because I could begin to hear him laugh.

"Im guessing you found it?" He asked. I blushed and put the phone more supported to my ear.

"Yup! We got it." I told him happily.

"I could tell, you squeal quite girl like surprisingly." I blanched and blushed again.

"I did not squeal."

"You did so. And it was cute." I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever. So since we found it can you come pick us up? Mark will be dying to get his hands on it."

"Yeah, we'll be there."

"See you soon." I told him with a bright smile plastered on my face.

"Yeah. I'll keep saying it, but I love you." He said quietly and seriously. I blinked in surprise before I broke out into a large tomato red and purse my lips slightly.

"Your so annoying...but I love you too." I told him just as quiet and hung up before he could make some other smart ass remark.