The Adventures of AIS Unit, pt. 2

The rumble of the C-21 troop transport echoes in the cabin, filled with soldiers awaiting their demise. I sit among those soldiers, my expression no different than the person to either side of me. I think of all the fun times I had with my mates in training. Joyful, happy, filled with bliss. All three words described us. Now, they would be farther away from our hearts than my sweet home in Maine. A heavy shaking pulls me away from my dream. The pilots announce that we will be jumping in 10 minutes through a garbled microphone that sounds worse than nails on a chalkboard. I try not to think about the horrid doom that awaits me, but the increasing rumblings make this impossible. 8 minutes. The sound of fellow airplanes plummeting to the ground makes my knees shake profusely. 5 minutes. I lean over and throw up between my legs, and somehow that makes me feel a lot better. 1 minute. The back door of the plane opens up, and a cold, rainy blast of air forces it's way into the cabin. 30 seconds. I check my equipment three times, and I am left waiting for the time to jump. 10 seconds. The lead soldiers jump, and I get forced ahead by the people behind me. Time to jump. Against all my will, I jump out of the safety of the plane onto the unknown ground of Europe.

The cold air hits me like a brick, and I can barely keep my eyes open as my lithium-alloy wings unfold into the black night. Once the wings are open, I could open my eyes again, and I began to maneuver my wings to a spot that seems like a soft, quiet landing place. I dived to just above the treetops, weaving in and out of branches like never before. Once a clearing appeared before me, I landed, my carbon-fiber chest plate slamming against the grass. As I came to a stop, the trees that once seemed to be a sea of black came into focus. Not long after, I saw my teammates, and I sprinted over to join them. "Welcome to the team, Fox!" The leader whispered, careful not to draw attention of anyone that could have been standing by. I stood there for a second, wondering who 'Fox' was. It suddenly dawned on me that 'Fox' was my new call sign. "Ready to beat the shit out of some Brits?" "Sure thing, Wolf!" I yelled, suddenly realizing that this was a stealth mission. "Okay, then. Check eyes!" I pressed a small button on the top of the eye, and instantly my right eye was filled with red light. After my eye got used to the light, I saw just how powerful the eye was. I could see three times as far than without the eye, and I knew exactly where I was in relation to the base. "Yo, Fox, is your eye working or not?" "Oh, um, yes. It is." I stuttered. "Check Cloaks!" I flipped a switch on my thigh, and right about then my body disappeared into the blackness in a haze of green. "Okay, due to the fact that I cannot see any of your bodies anymore, I assume that all of your Cloaks are working. So here's the plan."

I shook with excitement, as I do every time I go on one of these missions. "Fox and Jaguar: you're going to bust into the compound. Eagle: you're going to provide sniper support, since you are the best shot. I'll provide overwatch from a drone. Good luck, and don't die!" Wolf yelled as Jaguar and I staggered along the dirt path leading to the complex. "Okay, there should be a door to your left. Go through that one, then go straight through to the center of the complex." Wolf said through my mike. Once we opened the door, I was stunned by how different the building was on the inside. Instead of the dirty, desolate building that I saw in the photos of the place, The halls were lined with almost perfectly white tile, the floor was even whiter, and I was almost sorry to spill mud all over them. "OK, now that you are inside the building, you should be able to navigate the complex with ease. The signs should provide you with all the information you need." Jaguar and I follow the signs as instructed, but before long, a strange smell started to fill the corridors. I dismissed it as the smells of battle, but before long the smell blocked out every other smell in my nose. "Wait a minute- I think that's poison gas we're smelling! GAS MASKS!" Jaguar screamed, and we fumbled like horrible football players for our masks. By the time we put them on, it was too late, we were both feeling drowsy and light-headed. "Well, I guess this is it, so I'd better say the obvious: It's been nice serving with you. Good bye." Jaguar said as the room began to blacken, and not before long I collapsed on the floor.

To be continued...