"Delilah, don't worry sweetie, we'll get all this sorted out." Lucas promised after I explained to everyone what happened. "I'll call Luke right now and fix this." he whipped out his iPhone and left the room, dialing a number. Marisol followed him, giving me a determined look, silently telling me she wasn't going to let this happen either.

The only people who were left we're Adrian, Cally, Kyler, and myself. Devin had been here, but Lucas made him leave since he couldn't control his anger at Derek.

My eyes shifted to Cally. She was sitting next to Adrian, leaning on him heavily. Her face was a washed out mask of nothingness, which scared me because Cally was an open book when it came to her emotions.

We locked eyes and something snapped.

Her face contorted in pain and loss and her body went rigid with emotion. She stared right through me and somehow I knew this vision was the out come of the challenging.

Adrian held her tightly to him and squeezed his eyes shut and I swore I saw a flash of pain go across his face. He knew what the vision was too.

"Delilah...Oh baby I'm so sorry." she whispered once she came out of her vision.

Dread washed over me, head to toe. It engulfed me through and through until I was drowing in it. All I could do was stand there with weak knees and stare at Cally in disbelief. I heard the faint sound of Kyler yelling and I felt someone shaking me. I didn't snap out of it until Kyler stepped in front of me, blocking my view of Cally.

"God damnit what the hell is going on?!" he demanded.

"you die." I said in an empty, unfamiliar voice.

Kyler jerked back and stared at me like I had grown a second head. Our emotions flooded through each other through the bond we forged between us and at the same time, our legs went slack and we both fell to our knees.

"How do you know?" he asked quietly. I swallowed the thickening lump in my throat and forced back the tears that were threatening to spill.

"She saw it. Cally. She's psychic." I forced out. I raised my head to look into Kyler eyes and felt my heart shatter. I saw two emotions that were like a punch to my gut. Regret and uncertainty. He quickly wiped those emotions from his face before I could catch them, but it was too late.

"Delilah I-" he started, but I was already out the door and running down the steps of the mansion. I heard the crunching of bones from a fist being throw into the wall and Adrian's angry, feral growls. I heard Kylers parents running in and demanding what happened. I growled and quickly hopped into my truck and started it up causing it to rumble smoothly to life. I peeled onto the road and slammed my foot down on to the gas peddle and ignored all the bumps I was going over on the poorly paved back roads.

2 minutes into my get away I felt Kyler desperately pushing at my mental wall with all he had. My wolf growled in warning at him and I soon felt him recede.

My head was spinning and my emotions were all over the place in a jumbled mess. One thing was going through my mind. He regrets finding me, loving me. The discovery kept replaying in my head like a broken record I couldn't escape. Playing over and over until I felt my sanity slipping out of my grip, through my shaking fingers. I jerked my truck to the side of the road and stumbled out. I slammed the door closed and screamed at the top of my lungs. I screamed for my frustration, my anger, my sadess, my heart break and everything in between.

My scream died down into a hoarse sob and I braced myself against the hood of the truck. I let Kyler's regret and his practically rejection lace the blood rushing through my veins like a drug. I let it sink into my bones and wrap around me in a choke hold. Then I let my heartbreak at Kyler's future work up another scream that slipped past my lips.

I pushed off my truck roughly and let my grief weakened legs carry me into the forest. Once I was deep enough to where I couldn't see the road, I dropped to my knees. I closed my eyes tightly and whispered for my release. Before I felt the change wash over me, I whispered one name mentally. Just so he knew where to find me when I finally ran out my grief.


Seconds later, I was on all fours, standing in the remains of my clothing. I shook out my white silver tipped fur and began running. I pushed my self until the trees were blurring past me in an untrackable pace. My silver nailed paws dug into the forest floor with each forward stroke of my legs without a single sound except a low whoosh of air with each stride.

I kept running until I reached a small clearing that was now empty of life except the wildflowers that grew here. All the forest animals had steered out of my way the whole trip here. All there saw was a sharp predatory blur of white, but it was all they needed to find sanctuary and hide.

I sat and turned my snout to the moon. I let everything I was feeling gather deep with in my chest before I let out the most gut wrenching broken howl ever. One that made the trees shudder and quiver with its power and force. It was a howl that was heard far and wide. I knew that from the couple of outer pack howls that answered it. If they heard from way out there, close to the Rockies, then so did Kyler who was only by the Cascades, which were a semi short trip to my right.

I growled to myself at his name and shot off again to god only knows where. I slipped from my consciousness and gave my wolf full control. I snuggled down into the black emptiness and let it wrap around me in a silent confort.