The Letters She Kept


In the morning, the letters they make her smile,

spread across the page,

she doesn't keep the idea all together,

though she'll smile at the words forever.

They don't make much sense—

and they fit even less—

but the words continue to make her smile,

all throughout the morning.


The letters remain, though it is afternoon,

the girl has become confused,

though not utterly so,

by the words that had made her smile.

They just make no sense—

and they fit even less—

and the words they make less sense,

all throughout the noon.


The night is upon, and the letters are wrong,

But the girl keeps them,

Though now they are of different tongue,

They still keep a smile faint on her lips.

They still make no sense—

And they fit even less—

But the language constantly changes,

And the words become foreign,

All throughout the end.