"But Dad! You can't just buy a new brother! Just because Jason died doesn't mean I want a new brother! Can't you respect that? He was my twin, I know what he would want! And he definitely wouldn't want a replacement!" I heard my neighbor, Alicia, arguing with her parents hysterically through the window. She was crying, and wailing, and throwing a huge fit. Silently, I agreed in my heart. Even though Alicia was now the "Queen Bee" in our school, didn't mean I should hate her and think the opposite, therefore letting her control my opinions. Jason had been my best friend. We had done everything together, from going to the pool, or pulling pranks on the teachers at our school, and enduring detention together. I sure didn't want a replacement either.

Her dad sighed exasperatedly. "No. Alicia, stop being childish. We don't want a new son either, but the corporation we work for is giving him to us, and it would be extremely rude, not to mention dangerous, to reject such an expensive mannequin-robot from our boss. They already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to have him made and manufactured, and he will be shipped to our house tomorrow morning. Just because he is here, though, doesn't mean he has to be a replacement for Jason. I expect you to accept him happily from the corporation. Now, go to your room." Ouch. I felt bad for her, I really did. Maybe I should go over there to try and talk her dad out of it? Who was I kidding, I just wanted to get some details.

"Oh well," I sighed. "I guess we'll see tomorrow." I turned out the light, closed the curtains, and looked at my closet. School was starting in two days, and I hadn't finished my Summer Reading Assignment. I picked up the 600-page book and began flipping through its pages. After reading the first few lines in bed, i fell asleep quickly, with the book on my face.

"RISE AND SHINE, SWEETPEA!" My mom came in and flickered the lights.

"Ugh, Mom, what time is it?" I checked the alarm clock beside my bed: 7:00. "Seriously? It's seven, school starts tomorrow, at least let me get my full 24 hours of sleep," I pulled the covers back over my head. "Go away and come back in 23 hours, please."

"No! Today, the new Jason is being delivered! Don't you want to see what he looks like?" At the mention of Jason's name, tears began to form in my eyes, and the details of his death came back to me... flashing lights, piercing sirens, dark figures. No. I pushed his death out of my mind and pulled myself back into the room. "Fine... let's go." What can I say? Curiosity killed the cat. I pulled a somewhat formal outfit, and brushed my teeth, to get the morning breath out of my mouth. I had to look somewhat presentable, the boss of the largest corporation in the world is coming to our neighbors' house!

I pulled my headphones out, and put them under my ears. After brushing my tangled, curly, poop-brown hair back, I ate some cereal and pulled on my black combat boots. (I know, such a rebel!) After running a belt through my skinny jeans (I am very skinny, naturally... even skinny jeans aren't skinny enough at the waist.) I checked out the window, and saw a delivery man unloading a tall box carefully from a truck, and an old, finely-dressed man talking to Mr. Locke, Alicia's dad. There had been many people with the same idea, to see the Humachine ™ being unloaded from the truck. However, Alicia's dad insisted that the delivery man bring the package into their house. I walked up to Mr. Locke, waving my hand. "Can I come in with, Mr. Locke?" Knowing my connection with his son, he nodded. I smiled thankfully, and followed the delivery man into the house.

The delivery man pried the box open, and before stood me a perfectly proportioned teenage boy. He's not real, I had to remind myself, before I began to crush on his deliciously-perfect features.

"Here's the instruction sheet, you can go ahead and read through it really quick. Good luck with your new Humachine ™!" The delivery man left with the box, pretending that the Locke family hadn't accepted the Humachine ™ so that he could lead a normal life like Jason had. I opened the manual since none of the Locke family reached for the manual.

I tapped the shut-eyed guy on the heart twice, and said, "Power On." The gorgeous guy slowly, slowly opened his eyes, and looked around. "Hi, I am Jessica Kaite. I am your neighbor. Everyone else in this room is part of your family..." I trailed off as I saw him blink and focus his dark, ocean-blue eyes.

"Hi. What is my name?" His voice sounded hollow and metallic, devoid of all emotion. I stepped aside to let Mr. Locke stare at his new "son".

"I don't know.. you name him," He insisted, pushing me back forward.

I thought for a moment, contemplating what my dream guy's name would be. "Hm... Blake Locke." Such a hot name.

Suddenly, Blake's eyes glowed and all of a sudden, a robotic female voice said, "Downloading files. Please wait while personality is being programmed. We appreciate your patience."

Blake's sandy-brown hair and turquoise eyes stopped glowing and he smiled, revealing perfectly shaped and dazzling white teeth. "Thanks," He said in rough, sexy voice, sounding genuinely grateful. "Hi, I'm Blake Locke, your son," He said, extending his hand towards Mr. Locke.

Mr. Locke, unsure of what to do, took it, and shook his hand. He walked over to Alicia, smiling widely.

"You must be Alicia, my sister. I'm so pleased to meet you!" He greeted, also extending his hand. Alicia eyed him warily, and spun around, refusing to talk to him. Blake looked so downcast, I wanted to go give him a hug.

"I suppose you don't want to talk to me either," He sighed, walking over to me.

"No! Of course I want to talk to you!" I stuck my fist out, expecting him to bump it. Handshakes were too formal.

"What is that?" He asked, staring at my first.

"Fist bump. Now bump it." I said, grabbing his other hand, balling it into a fist, and bumping it with mine. "There, see? That, my friend, is how normal people shake hands."

He grinned-quite cutely, might I add- in delight. "You just called me your friend! Thanks so much, Jessica!"

"Call me Jess, and stop being so grateful, it gives off uncool vibes," I said, staring at his full, smiling lips. NOT REAL! My mind yelled. I mentally kicked myself. I had to stop ogling him. "And, try to use words under 2 syllables long, it makes you sound too smart. If you want to be cool, that is." He was going to school after all. He was supposed to be the replacement "Jason". Even if they looked nothing alike.

"Of course I do, thanks!" I glared at him. "I mean, yeah, sure?" He slurred the last word into a question, raising an eyebrow in question. i nodded at him. Sexy voice... Again, I mentally punched myself. How come you never saw Jason like this? Wasn't my type, I guess.

"Do you have a cellphone?" He asked abruptly, ending my conversation with myself.

"Yeah, why?" I asked, surprised.

He smiled at the ground shyly, the stark white uniform that he had been delivered in rustling loudly. "Can I have your number?" He asked, looking down at me.

Jason and Blake are polar opposites. Blake is so nice and cute! Jason was more of the not-take-anything-seriously type. AHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh! NO. STOP IT! I smiled up at him, realizing his rather tall height for the first time. "Of course!" I told him my number, and my phone buzzed, notifying that someone had texted me. I flipped it open, and read Blake's text. "You're an awesome friend~Blake"The text read, and I couldn't help but smile, he was so sweet! But if he didn't learn how to harness the inner "cool" inside of him, he was going to get trampled in school, especially because of his good looks.

"Come on over to Jason's old room," I say, grinning. Maybe this was the perfect closure after all. "I have a lot of stuff to teach you in the art of coolness," I grinned. Blake followed happily, and I thought up to Heaven, where Jason was for sure laughing at my already rapidly-forming crush on a Humachine ™, Thanks, Jason. I'll still miss you forever.

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