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Chapter 6~

"Are you ready for this?" Blake grinned, grabbing his black backpack.

I nodded vigorously. "One more thing to scratch off my bucket list." I grinned and pulled my Columbia hiking backpack over my shoulder, careful not to disturb the contents inside. "Okay, let's go."

Blake revved the engine for his dad's black Ferrari, and it purred noiselessly to life. I hopped in and we drove excitedly to Natalia's house.

As we pulled up behind the dimly-lit mansion, Blake parked the Ferrari under a grove of trees and we quietly slid out of the car. "C'mon," Blake hissed quietly, pointing to her house's back door.

Blake silently picked the lock, and the door popped open. Inside, we heard Natalia and her friends mixing drinks in the kitchen and I pointed upstairs. I knew this house too well. "This way to her bathroom," I whispered.

We opened the door and Blake pulled out a penlight, dimly lighting the bathroom. I pulled the mascara tubes filled with oil out of his backpack and switched them with Natalia and her friend's. Of course, the mascara was exactly the same brand I had introduced to them the year before. It had been easy to find empty bottles in my restroom and fill them with motor oil.

Next, the leave-in spray conditioner was filled with diluted syrup, and the paper towels' backs smeared with vaseline. Blake duct-taped the sink so that it would spray forward, and I put dry flower on the towels in the restroom.

I cackled silently as I pulled out the box of foil-wrapped packages in Natalia's bottom drawer, which would undoubtedly ruin her night. Lastly, we sprinkled homemade itching powder over all of the clothes in Natalia's room. "Party crashers operation, finished!" I giggled in glee.

Suddenly, the sharp noise of Natalia's Prada heels could be heard, echoing outside her room.

"Sh!" Blake pushed me and him under Natalia's bed as she walked into her room and turned on the lights.

Why do I always end up in these compromising positions? I silently cursed my bad luck as Blake pressed his body into mine, spooning. Natalia's heels clicked around her room, and they paused at her slightly-ajar drawer. I held my breath, only too much aware of Blake's presence right beside me, his breath lightly rustling my hair.

I heard her tut once and shut the drawer. She grabbed something out of her closet and left the room.

"What did she take?" Blake asked me, curious. His mint-scented breath brushed by my ear and I shivered slightly. Too... hot... must... contain... teenage... hormones! We scrambled out from under the bed.

I shrugged. "Probably gin or vodka, to spike the drinks. She's too classy for beer. Anyways, let's skedaddle." Facepalm. Did I just say "skedaddle"?

Blake suppressed a smile. "Yes, let's skedaddle, shall we?" He hoisted the backpacks onto his back and silently crept out of Natalia's bedroom, motioning for me to follow.

We sneaked out through the back door, avoiding the kitchen. Blake shut the door carefully, and I let out an exultant whoop once he pulled onto the highway. "Do you think it will be safe for us to come to the party?"

Blake shook his head. "Definitely not, but I think it'll be worth it," he and I cackled evilly and twirled our imaginary toupees. He pulled off the highway, and into our neighborhood. "Okay, now get ready, and I'll pick you up in 30. We're taking the van, so we don't get keyed."

"Smart choice. Wear something decent, you don't want to look like a manslut."

"Right back at you," Blake winked, and opened the car door for me.

~skip to 29 and ½ minutes later~

"BLAKE! GOD DAM- I mean, gosh darn it- HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE YOU TO GET READY?" I pounded on his bedroom door.

"Sorry, sorry, I can't figure out what to wear!" He whined, and I rolled my eyes.

"You're like a girl, you know that? Just... choose something!" Blake huffed from behind the door and flung it open.

"Ta-da! How do I look?" Blake shrieked in an uncharacteristically high voice, and struck a terrible pose and spun around.

"Strut your stuff, girl," I mocked, suppressing a giggle. "Anyways, let's go! We're gonna be late because of you and your indecisiveness. You look fine, by the way." Blake was wearing a simple light gray polo with knee-length khakis. He really liked khakis.

His eyes scanned me, and I suddenly felt extremely self-conscious in my old party clothes. "You look..." I winced, afraid to hear him finish. "AMAZING!" I sighed in relief. "Whad'ya think I was gonna say?"

"Slutty, weird, stupid, ridiculous. Something like that? Doesn't matter," I grabbed Blake's collar before he could respond and dragged him down the hallway. "Let's go, we don't have all night. I wanna see Nat freak out when she can't find her condoms." Blake and I snickered at the thought.

"Hop in," He pulled open the doors for him and I to an unassuming gray minivan and seated himself behind the wheel.

I smiled and plopped myself into shotgun. I reached to close the door when Blake cut me off.

"Here, I got it." He reached across my lap and grasped the handle. Blake, what the fudgernaughts are you doing!? I'm dying to self-restraint right now. As he slammed the door shut, my lips accidentally grazed his neck and I recoiled in surprise.

Surprise, because I almost lost control. I seriously was about to give that boy a hickey.

He looked at me obliviously. "What's wrong?" You're too cute, is what's wrong. Ow, I just mentally slapped myself.

I shook my head, blushing. Thank goodness for dim garage lights. "Nothing, just shut up and drive."

His eyebrows narrowed and he cocked his head at me, as if analyzing me, which he probably was. "You're embarrassed because of me, what did I do?"

"How can you tell?" Shit. I just verified that I was embarrassed, but it wasn't because of him. It was because of me and my stupid teenage hormones.

He grinned, "Google knows all." He paused again, his eyes scanning my entire body. "Was it because you wanted to kiss me?" (A/N: when he does this it means he's searching up/analyzing the information)

Damn this boy and his stupid infinite knowledge database. Damn him. "Wha- no! No, of course not!" I sputtered. I am a terrible liar.

"Because, if you do..." He leaned in and planted a soft, gentle kiss on my lips. "I wouldn't mind at all."

Brain. Cannot. Process... Mental. OVERLOAD! Just that small, light kiss made me want to grab him and crush him in kisses and hugs.

"Jess? You there?" He waved a hand in front of my face worriedly. "Did I do something wrong again?"

I muttered the most intelligible thought I could form. "Uh..." I could literally hear Jason's laughter in my head. "Shut up," I mumble.

"What? Jess, I'm sorry." Blake looked hurt.

"No! Not you! I was talking to myself! I like you!" I blurt out, not thinking. "No! I mean, I like you, but, not like- UGH!" I was so frustrated. "It's just that I really like you but I'm not supposed to because you're supposed to be like Jason but that doesn't really work out because you two are really different and I like you a lot but you're a robot so I don't know how that would work and-" Blake cut me off by kissing me again, but this time, it was a real kiss; sure, passionate, and lasting.

"I've been wanting to do that for a while now," He confessed, running his hand through his hair.

"Me too," I was grinning like an idiot. "Anyways, that, um, party. We should go."

He smiled at me back. He looked completely... real. Human. Completely human, no machine, no metal in his body. Just blood, sweat, and tears. Like every other person. My heart melted at his wide smile, and he bit his lip. Ack. Stop. Overwhelming urge to kiss you coming again. "Yeah, we should."

He switched the stick-shift of the old van into drive, rolled out of the garage, and zipped onto the road.


Jason: God, that's not fair, you didn't let me decide who she would like! Look at that! Now she's gonna screw Blake and have little robot babies. that's disgusting.

God: puh-lease, it couldn't be helped. Just be glad I gave you a TV so you could watch over her. And not in the creepy way. besides, Blake's pretty hot, if I do say so myself.

Jason: o.o please tell me you're not bending that way. and I don't get it though! WHY A ROBOT! And does he seriously like her? He is... a robot.

God: First of all, I'm as straight as an all-powerful deity can be. Secondly, shame on you, Jason! So racist. Shame, shame, shame. And maybe he does! Who said it wasn't possible for a robot to have emotions?

Jason: You sound like my mother.

God: That was the point.

Jason: Honestly, you are hopeless. How did you even get to be God?

God: First come, first serve. It has always been that way~

Jason: Ah, makes sense. If this was a democracy, you probably wouldn't have been elected.

Random Angel sitting around: I second that!

God: . Shut up.

Jason and Random Angel: okay. ):

Last author's note:

So that last tidbit, w/ Jason and God, is what I prefer to right, something totally ridiculous with a lot of lame jokes. Do you guys like that style better? or the more serious stuff?

ALSO! is the story moving too fast? I kinda wanted to wait to get blakexjess but then figured it would be easier to write it this way... so.. if it's moving too fast I'll just re-write and slow it down. Eh.