Blake and I stretched and started yelling directions for the other players as they warmed up for our first game. Well, actually, there had been other games, but those had been easy to win. We viewed the Mavericks as our first real challenge. Their red and white Jerseys contrasted to our purple and yellow ones.

The ref blew his whistle, calling the players to the field.

We went into a quick huddle. "Alright guys and gals," I addressed my fellow teammates. "We can beat them, I know it. We're gonna dominate, and get to Championships!" I looked at them seriously. "Play clean, play tough, and the game's already been won!" My teammates cheered and Blake slapped me on the back, and I tried my best not to fall over.

I took my usual position as right sweeper, and Blake took left. The goalie gave the ball to the Mavs, and blew the whistle. They immediately took the ball to the right side of the field, and Blake dropped forward to defend while I pulled back as a last resort.

I intercepted a pass from their forward and kicked it back up the sides to our midfielder, who dribbled it up before being knocked aside by their right sweeper, who passed the ball back to their left midfielder.

It was basically a never-ending cycle, and by the 3rd quarter of the game, I was getting tired of it. "SUB!" Coach called, once the ball had been kicked out for the umpteenth time.

"KAITE! TAKE RIGHT FORWARD!" Coach yelled, and replaced the left sweeper with a sophomore. I groaned, jogging unwillingly to switch places with MacMiller.

Once I nodded that I was ready, the ref blew the whistle again, and play resumed from the throw-in. I cut in front of the receiving player, and headed the ball lightly towards the goal, chasing after it and cushioning the drop with my gut.

The right mid followed me, as well as the left forward. We passed the ball back and forth, narrowly dodging attempts to steal the ball. I dribbled the ball up to the goal, ready to kick it in, when from the corner of my eye I saw the right sweeper charging towards me, ready to kick. And so I immediately stepped forward, assuming he wanted to slide tackle me.

I was wrong.

He came barreling towards me, the bottom of his cleats glinting in the sun. The next thing that registered in my mind was a bone-shattering kick in the thigh, then in my stomach, before someone pulled the offending player off to minimize the damage.

"Ow," I moaned, unable to move my right leg. "I think I'm hurt." No sh!t, Sherlock! Now was not the time to be sarcastic, brain.

Blake ran up to me, and kneeled. "Are you okay?" I glared at him through my pain. "Okay, right, stupid question." The field medics rushed forward, and carried me off the field.

"Two broken ribs, gashes in the stomach, completely shattered the right leg. Looks like he was aiming to kill," The doctor joked grimly. He observed the X-rays, while inspecting the wounds on my skin from the metal-spiked cleats.

Blake ran over, a worried expression etched onto his face. "Will she be okay?" He asked the medic.

I snorted. "As okay as I can be with 2 broken ribs, and an obliterated right leg. Did we win?"

He nodded, fury darkening his eyes. "I have to tell you something," Away from the doctor, he mouthed.

"Right, well I'm going to go get cast materials and for wheelchair for you, those ribs can't handle pressure from crutches. I'll be just a moment." He walked away, still studying the X-ray of my leg.

Blake rubbed his temples before speaking. "I think Natalia and Stephanie paid that guy to beat you up."

I balked. Sure, they were nasty and mean, but they would never stoop that low, right? "What makes you think that?"

"I heard Natalia promising a 'reward' for 'the favors'," He grimaced. "I get the idea she's got more coming.

"It'll be a miracle if I'm still alive by the end of this week," I stated gloomily.


Ranger shifted nervously, eyeing the tall girl in front of him. "Look, Natalia, tell me what you want me to do and then tell me the payment. I'm not saying anything until I know the full deal."

Natalia smiled, although it was more of a "why-don't-you-go-die-in-a-hole-because-you're-tha t-irritating" type of smile. "Of course, Ranger," She glanced around the coffee shop before returning her eyes onto the former Maverick's student. "I have an...acquaintance-"

"You say acquaintance like you say b!tch," he snorted, cutting her off.

"Fine, there's this b!tch in my school who happens to play soccer. I need you to hurt her." Her eyes glinted maciliously as she spoke, and the first thought that crossed Ranger's mind was, this b!tch is crazy..."And. There's this friend of hers. Find some dirt on him. Name's Blake Locke, completely gorgeous. Find his weakness, and then tell me, and once all that's done you'll get paid."

"Hurt her how bad?" Getting information was never any trouble for Ranger. With his golden boy looks, no one could ever help but trust him.

"Break her bones, rupture her spleen if that's possible, i dunno. Just bad enough so she can't play soccer anymore, or move very fast." Ranger calculated the risks, and decided that he could probably take up the job, depending on the pay.

He nodded half-heartedly. "Yeah, alright, I can do that. Maybe. What'll you give me in return?"

She smiled, and pulled out from her ginormous purse a gallon-sized ziploc bag full of money. "One grand, plus one favor. Anything you want." She smirked at him.

Ranger grinned fully, and ran a hand though his blond hair, before sticking it out. "Make it two grand, two favors, and if I get in serious trouble, a good D.A., and we have a deal."

She flipped through her phonebook. "Final deal, one and a half, that price is non-negotiable. Two favors... pushing it, but it'll work. How does O'Brunman sound to you? Got me out of a situation last year, man's a shark. All expenses covered by yours truly. Sound good?" She was already extending her dainty manicured hand toward Ranger's broad one. Ranger shook her hand. He didn't like the way her slim, bony hand felt wrapped inside his hand. It was perfect. Too perfect. The girl was scary, no doubt. Not one to mess with, despite her willowy appearance and thin frame.

"Great!" She chirped, finishing up her sugar-free coffee. "That was horrible. Anyways, there's a soccer game tomorrow. Be there, and make sure she comes out no more than crawling." With that, she threw her cup away, and strutted off towards her car.

Ranger stared at her, tilting an eyebrow. "That girl has some issues," he muttered, before leaving the shop. He dialed a number on his phone. "Hey, man? Yeah, I need some steel-tipped cleats."

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