I wrote this because I was bored and I asked if my teacher if she had any story ideas, so she gave me a story starter sheet and I decided to write a story on the first starter I picked, it's a bit depressing for me, but a story's a story!

Running down the street, the man held back a sob. He wasn't prone to crying, but today was an exception.

"No," He muttered, "No, this can't be. I gave them the money, it can't be!" The man ran through the streets, shoving away anyone that was in his path.

"Hey, watch it!" people screamed at him, but he didn't care, all that was on his mind was getting home.

"I lost everything for this! My job, my friends, my money," He thought, "What did I do to deserve this?" Down the streets, the man ran until he came across a small house, or at least the remains of what use to be a house. There had an explosion, no one knew who caused the explosion, no one but that man.

Now this man was a happy man, until the mafia demanded money from him.

"...and if I don't?" The man said bravely.

"Then I would suggest you say your last goodbyes to your family." The leader said.

The man had lost his confidence, "Okay! I'll give you the money, but please don't harm my family!" The man pleaded.

"You have one month," with a smirk, the leader and his gang disappeared.

A few weeks later, the man had gotten the money, but lost everything else. His boss got angry because of all the days he had been gone.

"You're fired!" He screamed.

His friends had all gotten killed as a warning.

"Your times almost up." The note tied to the corpse would always say.

Eventually the man paid his debts, but was completely bankrupt, but at least he had his family. Or so he thought...


"So, why do you want to work here?" the owner of a small shoe company asked.

"Well-" the man was interrupted by a small beeping noise, he looked down and saw that he had gotten a text message. He quickly opened the text and read..

"Your house is on fire! Get back quickly!"

-your neighbor Diane

The man nearly had a heart attack, his wife and kids were still in there. "I have to go," with that the man got up and ran.


Back in the present, the man was staring at his house in shock.

"Sir!" A police officer yelled as he ran towards his boss.

"What is it?" His boss asked.

"Three bombs have exploded," a police man said to his commander.


"Four nice little bombs just waiting to explode," the leader had said.

The man smiled, then grinned and before anyone could process what had happened, the man ran into the house. "Soon I will be with you," he whispered.

I think this story was a bit depressing for me... just a bit, maybe I should have had wolf- I mean crazywolfgirl type it for me... that would work, I mean, I know her personally and she does like writing about that stuff, oh well writing is writing! AND I LOVE WRITING! Author's note is getting off topic so I'll just end it here. Thanks for reading guys!