Living the Unstable Life

I rather hate running.

Anna couldn't believe her luck. Here she was, being chased through the trees by a freaking polar bear in the hot August sun when all she wanted to do was be sitting by the pool with Mark and Lucy.

Though what a polar bear is doing here I haven't a clue.

She tripped over a root and nearly fell to the ground, but caught herself last minute.

Be careful, Anna!

Glancing behind her, she noted with some amount of nervousness that the polar bear was gaining on her.

And is that drool coming from it's mouth? I didn't know polar bears could drool...

She knew she had to get out of there fast or she would die the painful sounding death of being eaten by a polar bear.

It's almost worth it to get out of tomorrow's midterm, though.

Jumping over a ditch, Anna looked around for any way out of the situation.

Wait, can polar bears climb trees?

She stopped right in her tracks and glanced around for the nearest tree. It was the perfect tree for climbing and she gripped the branches desperately and pulled herself up. As she climbed higher, her jeans caught on a branch and ripped.

Mom's going to kill me – that is, if this polar bear doesn't get to me first. And I can find my way home again.

From high in the tree, Anna peered down at the ground, waiting for the bear to catch up with her. To her surprise, the bear, once it reached the tree, just continued running at full pace. It either hadn't noticed her ascent up the tree or -

What would a polar bear run from?

Her mental question was answered moments later when an animal Anna could only describe as an oversized lizard appeared. It had a long sleek body, giant wings, and smoke was coming out of its nostrils.

A dragon. You've got to be kidding me. A polar bear and then a dragon?!

The dragon passed by her tree without noticing her and soon both ferocious beasts had disappeared into the distance. Slowly, Anna climbed back down to the ground and headed back through the trees. It only took her a matter of moments to work out what happened.

Billy and Joey must have found the remote control again...

Ever since she had found herself trapped in the television last year, due to one of her father's experiments gone wrong, she had found herself with a brand new life, living out her days in various episodes of whatever TV program was on at the moment. When the TV went off, she stayed in the show she had been in until the next time the TV was turned on. It had been a while since it had last been on, probably because the boys got grounded off of it again. But now it seemed they were back.

And they just had to choose a show that had a dragon chasing a polar bear. If I ever see them again, they are definitely going to die.

Straightening her clothing, she hiked back through the woods, hoping to find some other humans in the TV show.

And please, please, let this show be based in the modern world. I really don't want to camp out with the cavemen again.