Entry 10

I guess I never put much thought to it in the beginning, nor did I think it would ever end. I don't even think my life really existed. You see, I don't really know where I am now, but I can easily recall the events leading to this occurrence, whatever it is.

Right now, though, that's not important. I was but a caged bird before, imprisoned for ever in the Game. I'd played for centuries, alongside my siblings. We cried, we loved, we killed, but we could not die. We tried. We'd just wake up minutes later, healed and traumatized. The end seemed impossible.

And then she came, the only Winner of the Game.

She was our Savoir, the one who set my family free.

Her name was Hanna Jones.

Chapter One

The sun shone brightly through the windows of the crowded cafeteria. Teenagers bustled about, finding seats among the seas of friend and foe. However, one person sat alone in the impressively white cafeteria.

This teen had a slim frame covered by a fitted neon green sweater and fitted jeans. Her porcelain face was cradled in her hand as hazy green eyes gazed out the window. A small smile graced her lips; any passerby could tell that her head was in the clouds. Her other hand gently fingered the tips of her long honey-blonde hair.

Across the small round table she occupied, a navy cafeteria tray crashed down. A loud SMACK reverberated through the area, causing her to jump. She glared at the teen in front of her, who smiled cockily in return.

"Where were you this time, Hanna? New Zealand? Or perhaps Middle Earth?" the male teased.

"Oh, shut it, Alex," she grumbled moodily in return, grasping the plastic fork from her own tray, opting to glare at the rolling cherry tomatoes with mild interest instead.

"Oh com'on , Hanna. You know I didn't mean anything about it!" Her glare returned to Alex instantaneously.

Alex Harkins was pouting playfully at Hanna; she'd come to accept that he did not have a serious bone in his body, if his reputation as class clown was anything to go by. Alex had short jet-black hair that was spiked back slightly. Sapphire eyes glistened against naturally tan skin. A black American Idiot hoodie adorned his athletic build. Baggy jeans hung low on his hips.

Hanna sighed. "You are impossible!" she huffed.

Alex smiled mischievously. "Yep!" he replied popping the 'p'. He then took a large bite of his hamburger, chewing it as if it were bubble gum.

Hanna scrunched up her nose. "How can you even eat that? Most of the food here is absolute crap."

Alex swallowed, raising an eyebrow at his friend. "Hey, beggars can't be choosers. It's not half bad."

Hanna snorted. "Says the person who, just last week, was ordering take out, asking to deliver it to your class. Did the principle get to you?"

"Mr. Davis isn't that bad!" the raven-haired youth sputtered indignantly.

"Yep, he soooo told you off."

"Okay, yes, he did, but that doesn't matter." Alex took another bite of his burger.

"Alex!" a high pitched voice squeaked. Alex sighed loudly, swallowing, and turning to face the person.

Hanna watched the two with mild disinterest. Alex was staring down at a small blonde girl with obvious disinterest. The girl- Emily Hanna vaguely noted- didn't seem to notice as she babbled.

"Alexiwaswonderingifyou' 'vebeenlookingfornewmembersfo rawhileandIthoughtitwouldbef unifwewereableto-"

Emily's babbling was a thousand miles per hour and showed no signs of stopping. Hanna had stopped listening, dully noting that Alex had as well, opting to watch the table the football jocks were now occupying, participating in a mini food fight.

Then, everything went silent. Emily's babbling ceased, her mouth frozen in midsentence. The jocks were frozen; the cherry tomatoes caught sailing across their table were still, as if someone pressed pause on the world. No one was moving, bar Hanna and Alex. Even the bird outside were frozen in flight.

The duo slowly rose, unsure.

"What theā€¦" Alex trailed off. Hanna nodded, agreeing. Her head suddenly whipped around to gaze out the window. There was movement there.

There stood a girl there. Her long golden hair was pulled back into a messy bun, leaving some strand loose. Said strand were moving to a nonexistent wind. Glowing gold eyes gazed intensely at both Hanna and Alex. A black tank top and matching fitted pants made her alabaster skin seem to glow. Oddly enough, she was bare footed.

Her hand rose, stretching towards them, beckoning to the teens. Her lips moved; though no sound was heard, both Alex and Hanna could easily make them out.

Hanna Jones. Alex Hopkins.

The world around the duo started to fade as they slumped to the ground. Two sentences rang clearly as the two slipped into unconsciousness.

Welcome to the Game, Hanna, Alex. Trust no one, not even yourself.