Sweets are a girl's best friend
If you're having a bad or even a crappy day
Sweets will make that frown go upside down

My love for it is like a melody
Because even though it's not healthy
It has become one with my body

Sweets leave a good taste in your mouth
Biting into my Hershey Bar
The warm, delicious, sweet, mouth-watering chocolate
Melts onto my tongue

Sweets soak up our very beings
Like a sponge in the water
Without it
Life would be a barren field
Plain and simple but really boring

Sweets are something that I can come home to
With the brief hours and disdainful weeks
I have a chocolate bar waiting for me
Right there in the fridge

Sweets are what females describe 'amazing'
For t'was practically made for us
Us women in the world

Sweets are great things to eat
Because they're more powerful than rays
They're more inspiring than plays
And it's my money that pays
To buy the damn sweets