You went back to work
and so did I.
I packed my bag
as I started to cry.

I had to leave,
I needed to get out.
I need to find again
what life's all about.

I left you a note.
I said I was fine.
I apologized for
crossing the line.

I said I was drowning,
I needed to breathe.
I needed some air,
so I had to leave.

I packed my bag,
your photo on top.
I started to cry
and I couldn't stop.

I apologized for
getting sick,
for being your burden
with walls so thick.

I apologized for
crying silently at night,
for being so quiet and
giving in to my cryptonite.

I packed a blade, David.
Not one, but three.
I'm giving in to the label
people gave me.

I walked out the door
and I didn't look back.
I'm trying to keep
my life on track.

I'm sitting in an alley.
I'm so stupid.
Watch me get raped
by a delusive cupid.

David, I'm sorry.
I had to go.
I love you still,
just so you know.

I'll miss you.
This is what had to be done.
I'm so sorry for
ruining your life of fun.

I am so sorry.