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The Rain Dweller.

It was an ordinary, summer day. It was sunny outside and could feel the warmth, as I was aimlessly visiting my favorite places, adoring the nature around me.
Suddenly, the sky got covered by the black clouds. It was strange, because there was not a single word about the rain or the clouds in the weather forecast, but then again, who would trust it anyway. But it got worse.
The sun hid itself behind the clouds, right before I heard the thundering sound, followed by lightning. The day was ruined for me, but I wasn't sad. I began to make my way home. I managed to; literally, take ten steps before it began to rain. Not a minute has passed before it turned into a real storm. I have lived in this town for some time now but I don't remember anything with this magnitude.
The rain got so strong; it was blocking my vision, so I decided to hide somewhere. I noticed an abandoned building nearby. Not the best place to hide but I didn't have much choice at the moment.
I ran inside the building. Even though I could still hear the rain, it was quite inside. Even though I found a shelter, I didn't feel safe. Quite the opposite, actually. I was getting the feeling that I am not alone in here. Not the best feeling a young girl can get in a abandoned house, that's for sure.
"Hello there, little one." – Someone called out for me. I froze in place, while the feeling of terror was flowing through me. Gathering all my courage, I turned around. I saw a old-ish looking man, wearing a suit. He wasn't doing anything, aside from just standing there. I am not sure that he was even looking at me.
"Hello. ... Are you hiding from the rain too?" – I asked.
"Not quite. Me and rain, we are bonded, so to say. Do you understand what I am trying to say?"
His voice was calm and re-assuring. I had little to no idea what he was talking about but I felt an unexplainable urge to agree with everything he was saying.
"Y-yes. I mean no. I mean... not really..." – I answered, fighting the temptation to be the "yes man".
"No matter. Tell me, child: Do you believe in heaven or hell? The afterlife, maybe? Do you believe that you have a... soul?"
The questions got stranger every time. Still, I chose to answer honestly.
"I believe only in something I saw or will see with my own two eyes, and my time hasn't come yet."
"Well said."
– He responded, while opening his vide open.
"If you have nothing to lose, what will you say if I will make you a deal?"
"A deal?" –
I asked.
" Nothing impossible. In fact, nothing can be easier. I give you two weeks. If you will still remember me after said time period, come back here and you will receive a reward that tops any and all of your wildest dreams BUT, if you won't, your soul will belong to me.
What do you say?"
"You're crazy."
"Am I really?"
He was talking nonsense and I had no further will to continue this conversation.
"Alright, fine. I will return in 2 weeks."
"This contract is signed. Now I must bid you farewell but we will meet again, one way or another." –
The man bowed and disappeared in the shadows.
I hurried out of there as well. When I got outside, there was no more rain.
When I got home, I tried to ignore everything that man said and forget about everything that happened today.
The days were passing, I returned to my normal life, but I still couldn't get that old man out of my head, no matter how hard I tried.
A week has passed. I was out for a walk, when it began to rain again. I remembered about that day again. I was staring into the great nothingness, when I felt a strong wave of fear hitting me. I realized that I am starting to forget details about "that" day. I ran. I ran as fast as I could. I was running away from the rain.
When I ran inside my house, the feeling of fear left me but the memories haven't returned.
More days have passed and I was losing more and more memories with each day. Finally, two weeks have passed. The memories have left me completely.
At this point, I knew I needed to remember something very important but... I couldn't. All I knew was that all the answers lied within the abandoned building, so I went there immediately. Someone beat me to it.
"Welcome, child. Since you are here, it is safe to assume that I lost the bet?" – The old man asked. I didn't answer anything. I was just staring at him and, somehow, I knew that he knew that I don't remember something I was supposed to.
"Ah, there it is emptiness in your eyes. There is an old saying: Do not make bets if you don't know all the details. This is why-"
He kept talking, but I wasn't listening. I was listening to the thundering sound outside. Moments later, it started to rain. I felt a sensation and began to laugh.
"Did I say something funny?" – He asked.
"I just find it funny that your "ally" helped me remember everything."
"Oh? Oh, I see... Congratulations, child. You are the first and the only one who managed to win the bet, which makes you the most powerful and dangerous person alive."
The rain, the thing that made me forget everything was the one that helped me in the end.
Later, I found out that I made a deal with the devil himself...

The end?