Hi! This is my first story on this site! YAY! Anyway this was in my head for a year. Time to share it.

In the end it didn't matter. Nothing would have stopped Robert from doing what he did. Maybe If I had played along, maybe if I fought back, maybe if I controlled my anger. Maybe none of this would have happened. Maybe I still could have been that brunette that doesn't say much, the girl who wasn't afraid to go to school, the girl who slept at night without the nightmares. Now I'm the girls whose forced to talk, the girl who is afraid of going to the one place she should feel safe, and the girl who dreams are plagued with memories. Sometimes when I alone I imagine what my life would be like if it didn't happen. It never lasts long.

I should tell you about myself before I tell you my story. My name is Geneviève Hermione Walters. No one calls me that everyone calls me Gen. Except Robert. He still calls me Geneviève even though I told him a long time ago to stop calling me at all. Any way at the moment I'm 16 but for the first part of my story I'm 14. My story isn't a pretty one but, maybe if I got this off my chest then possibly I can move on. This is the story of how me, Geneviève Walters nearly died.