If I told you that I loved you,

Then that would be a lie.

To me, your simply int'resting,

Alas, I don't know why.

If you told me I should guess,

Then I would love this game.

It's not just your appearance,

Our emotions are the same.

If you asked me what I meant,

Your smile holds the key.

'Cause just the other day, in fact,

I saw the same on me.

If you asked why I'm intrigued,

It's the way that you appeared.

A connection to lost memories,

It's just a little weird.

The more I learn about you,

The more that I'm drawn in.

There's so many matching pieces,

It's as though I were your twin.

If you asked me if I loved you,

I couldn't simply guess.

These words are wrong,

They can't belong,

Yet I think

I might say