Rose's POV

There are times in my life I don't like to talk about. This is one of them.

I was five at the time. I was training alongside my master and teammates. I was attempting to use throwing knives to hit a target but I missed every time. I wasn't exactly incredibly strong. I was the weakest out of the three on my squad. To top it off I was easily frightened and way too quick to let my guard down.

As training ended for the day I hesitated while walking back to the dorm where we slept. I wanted to talk to my master about staying out to a train a bit longer. As I approached my master (who was talking to another master at the time) I heard a piece of the conversation.

"She is not very strong" the other master said to mine.

They hadn't noticed me walking towards them yet.

"I know" my master replied "young Rose will not pass her training at her current rate of progress and strength. I think it wise to discontinue her training."

I gasped and ran away. You see in my village if you weren't a full ninja you were an outcast and disgrace to your entire family. I ran until I got to a bridge then I had to stop. I was tired and too out of breath to keep running. Master was right I was too weak to be a ninja.

As I looked over the bridge I did the unthinkable. I jumped…

The next thing I remember is being pulled on land by a girl. She was slightly taller than me but not overly tall like Paul was. Her raven hair was pulled back into a ponytail. Thing I remember most of all was what she said when I awoke.

"Hey are you ok kid" She asked "did you try to swim across the river. Aw but you weren't strong enough." At this I flinched. "Hey don't worry just because you're not strong now doesn't mean you can't get stronger."

I smiled and thought maybe if I showed the masters how much stronger I could become I would be able to keep training.

"Hey what's your name kid" the girl asked.

"I'm Rose" I replied "what's your."

"My name's Aiko Torigami. But you may call me Aiko-Chan."

"Amu-Chi" I coughed from the water that was still partially in my lungs.

"No Aiko-chan."

"I like Amu-chi better" I laughed.