Do you ever get upset when you buy new jeans but you didn't try them on before you bought them and when you got home they no longer fit, or that extremely painful moment when you step on Lego , or I dunno the entire of second year found out you tried to kill yourself. I'm sure most of you can only say no to the last one but I know one girl that can , Denise Grogan.

Alright, so this story begins in late September, early November. I thought today was just a normal school day but for some it was far from it. It was around 12:15 and it was a Friday as far as I remember. We had a 35 minute break for lunch and I was sitting with my usual group of friends for lunch.

Niamh Weisman: The crazy one , we think it's from her ginger hair.

Mel Joyce: The different one , she is just a bit to outward with her weirdness.

Sophie West: The musical one , I'm serious her guitar is like her drug.

Sandy Miller: The smart one , no joke this year she got all A's in the Christmas exams and didn't even study. (Well except for p.e she only got 20%)

Will Gallagher: The preformer, though he gets called 'gay' for it.

Clarissa Nolan: The normal one?

And me , Katie Dolan: I can't describe myself. Let's just say I'm a mixture of them all (bar normal.)

Will was telling us how happy he was he got to be part of the ensemble for Oliver which was coming to the grand canal theater near Christmas. We were all happy for him he had an amazing voice but he always sang in a different voice an purpose when he sang around people he didn't trust. I was about to say something when I felt a hand tap my shoulder lightly. I swiftly turned around to see who it was. Since I was sitting I had to look up to see who it was. It was my cousin , Jane Long. People say we look alike but I think they just say that because we both have freckles. She was a year ahead of me , her being in third and me being in second.

"Why is everyone in your year crying?" She asked. I was confused this was the first I heard of it.

"I don't know." I replied maybe she knew more than I did.

"Who is crying?" Clarissa asked but she was to late Jane had stormed off determined to find answers. Both Clarissa and I watched as Jane and her friends had walked over to. James Brennan was in the midst of the group of nosy third , second and first years and was telling them a story of some sort. My group of friends had no interest in that.

"Denise stormed out of science class." Mel informed us after she finished drinking her juice box and only eating the salami out of her wrap , just because.

"Maybe she's the one crying." I wondered out loud.

"I think so." Mel agreed.

"Who are the others than?" Sandy asked.

"Probably her friends." Niamh said.

"Do you wanna put bets on why they're crying?" Will asked.

"Someone has to of died if they're all crying." I said. Was that assuming the worst, the first thing I thought of was that Carla Wilson died because she wasn't in today. I'm a bad person.

"No nobody died." Will promised. "Maybe we shouldn't do this." He said feeling bad for suggesting it. Well he clearly knew something I didn't. Thanks for telling me Will.

The bell chimed signaling lunch was over. The cafeteria was filled with the squeaking sounds of the chairs being pushed back. It didn't bother me as much as it used to. Everyone of my friends bar Sophie headed to P.E. Sophie and I had geography with the biggest ass of a teacher. Ugh.

"Ally Burke was crying." Sophie told me once the others were gone. Sophie and I were closer than the others were.

"No way!" I said shell shocked. Ally Burke was the toughest girl in the school she won almost all the kickboxing matches she entered. The boys in the school are even scared of her. It doesn't help that I don't think she likes me to much.

"True story. Lisa told me." Sophia said. Lisa was Sophie's friend not mine , not that I didn't like her it's just I don't talk up in school at all. Lisa was best friends with Carla and Nicky , who is Clarissa's cousin. The three of them always get called triplets , Nicky and Lisa more than Carla. They get called that because the three all have the same button nose , dark brown hair with the ends dip-dyed blonde and they all have freckles.

Sophie and I arrived outside the geography classroom and Lisa didn't look happy. Lisa is the kind of girl that never has a smile off her face and this was something to adjust to. "What's wrong?" Sophie asked worried. I remained silent.

"Nothing." She muttered. The geography teacher came and we entered the classroom. We didn't talk about it after that. And when geography ended and we headed to Irish we didn't talk about it either. It wasn't up until music I was thinking about it to much.

The music class is a pretty care free class. Our teacher talks to us like a friend and everyone enjoys themselves. Sandy, Sophie Will and I were all in music. The others did art. The music teacher had brought us to the movie room. It was basically just a room were there were six rows of red chair that flipped up and down and were the movie was played was from a computer to a projector. The fabric on the seats were ripped though , showing the sponge type material that lay underneath it.

I think the movie playing was Annie but I couldn't be to sure it did happen almost six months ago. During the class I noticed that Denise was crying and the teacher was asking her questions or maybe just talked to her. I also notice Danna crying which was confusing considering herself and Ally are the toughest girls in the school.

During math, the last class of the day , Ailing Dolan got called to the guidance councilors office. That confused me considering Ailing wasn't friends with Denise's group of friends in fact Ailing was more un-popular than me and I find that hard to beat.

The end of the day finally came , Clarissa who usually got the bus home with me got a lift of her dad leaving me alone. I was waiting at the bus stop and I was completely shocked when Nicky asked me to go with her Lilly Jones and Lisa to the next bus stop. In primary school Nicky and I were best friends but we grew apart in secondary school. We only talk on the twenty minute walk home after Clarissa goes home. (Her house is two minutes away from the stop we get off at.)

I went with them because I wasn't going to wait at the bus stop on my own like a loner. As we walked up the hill to the next bus stop I could since the awkwardness. Lilly clearly wanted to talk about what was going on and when she did Lisa shushes her a motioned her head towards me.

When the bus arrived I sat on my own while Lisa , Nicky and Lilly all went and sat next to Ally, Danna , Denise , Sarah Walker and Ella Morrison. Their group of friends is a bit wide so it gets confusing after a while. Ally and Danna get of together outside the old primary school were they live. Two stops later Nicky , Jade and I get off.

"So tell me." Jane ordered Nicky.

"I can't." Nicky squealed but she was smiling. It was odd considering she was close to tears in music.

"Gowan." Jane said.

"Fine." Nicky breathed giving in. "Denise puh'a belt around 'er neck last night." Nicky admitted. Jane gasped but I remained quiet. Why would Denise do that , I mean she is really pretty , popular I'm jealous of her or I was jealous of her.

"Why?" Jane asked.

"Keith Kennard in fourt' year." Nicky told us.

"What'd he do?" Jane asked.

"He told 'er he loved 'er and de next day he posted on facebook da he loves Wendy Malcolm so much." Nicky explained. I personally think that wasn't so bad possibly because I've never had a boyfriend.

"Is that it?" Jane asked.

"Well sorta. She texted all of us saying sorry before she yi know." Nicky said and took out her htc phone and showed us the text. "She changed her mind and she told Grace Ryan and she told Danna." Nicky said.

"I'd never think she'd so that she seems so perfect." Jane said taking the words right out of my mouth.

"She's noh. She lives with her aunt in a tiny apartment with like three six year olds running around." Nicky exaggerated.

"Why doesn't she live with her Mam?" I asked finally speaking up.

"Her Mam used to beah 'er." Nicky admitted. I didn't believe it. Well I did but I didn't want to.

"Really?" Jane asked.

"Yeah and Denise cuh 'er wrist twice cuz of ih." Nicky explained to us. Sometimes Nicky's lack of pronunciation really annoys me. "Like I knew she did ih once nd dat was grand ,buh I didn' think she'd do ih again." Nicky admitted.

"She cut her wrist once and that was grand?" Jane joked at Nicky's poor choice of word.

"Ugh yinno wah I mean." Nicky said.

"Katie my Mam is pickin' us up from here." Jane told me. I was happy that saves me another twenty minute walk.

"Well." Nicky said and walked off but she only had like another ten minute walk "Don't tell anyone" Nicky yelled and then we couldn't see her anymore. Jane and I entered my aunt/Jane's mam's car.

"Oh Mam do I have a story for you." Jane said as she sat in the passenger seat of the car.