Sometimes I wonder what would happen if one day I woke up as, lets say, Katniss Everdeen. If I were to go to school that way unknowing of my appearance I would be shocked at how popular I would become. Well, for now I'm glad dreams haven't been made illegal otherwise I'd be spending time in prison. As of now I live in a depressed wasteland from the minute I get on the bus to the time I step off the bus in the afternoon. The only comfort I find at school is probably in my algebra class where I don't get all the creepy, know-it-all looks from everyone. I try to fit in with all the popular chicks with their long hair and aeropostale clothing and stuff like that. As far as the aeropostale and hollister goes I think you look like walking billboards for all I care! I, unlike the popular kids, have short hair (pixie cut short) and wear regular clothes from unknown brands and stores. While I am rambling on about how unpopular I am, I might as well let you know about all the laughs I hear about my hair or my clothes. As I am walking down the crowded hallway I constantly hear "OMG, did you just see her hair she looks so stupid!" and giggling beyond your wildest dream, and not in a good way. Now you may be thinking "what about the guys at your school, are they cute?" let me get something straight, NO, they are not very cute at all, in my opinion. While on the point of guys I would like to mention that there is a lot of drama at my school. In the halls I constantly hear "Your dating who!?" and "Did you break up with him yet?" and "AWWW, you look so cute together". TOO MUCH DRAMA! It drives me insane. If you could hear what is going on inside my head right now I'd be sent off to a mental hospital, or an insane asylum. Now that you've heard all about my life think twice about bullying me or anything along those lines.