The waves begin to separate, indicating that yet another wishing soul decided to chase a failing dream. It's funny really, how many people devote their lives to dreams that will be the death of them. Of course they usually don't plan the ending to be as brutal as they are. But I've learned all too well how brutal their fate will end.

The chants begin, some are English words, and others are complete gibberish. If only they knew how stupid they sounded. Next, the strange dance, then 'bait'.

The first part of the ritual always makes me laugh at how dim-witted humanity can be, but the end is always so horrific that it makes my stomach churn the moment I smell the salty scent of human flesh floating above me on the water top.

As the chant and dance end and I feel the water begin to stir around me. The humans above me are shuffling around in their boat, readying what they believe will lure me out my murky waters. Sadly for them, it does; however, there's never anyone around to help them once I make my appearance.

I watch carefully as the humans lean over the side of the boat and drop the sticky red liquid into my waters. The scent hits me almost instantly. Sweet and metallic. I can taste the liquid already and its' bitter after taste. The cold blood in my veins begins to stir and heat up as adrenaline courses through me.

In a matter of seconds the damage is done. The boat is broken and the remaining pieces are scattered over the now copper water. Human limbs bob on the surface like unwanted trash.

"Why...?" My body begins to shake as the scene in front of me becomes clear.

"Why am I a monster?"

Cetus, A whale or Sea Monster. In this case it's a sea monster. I hope it was obvious, but if not, sorry. I tried. :)