One of his friends came to the door

But he was surprised to see twelve more

Smaug would be a dangerous threat

But if he went it would be over yet


We've finally come

he watches

High above the noonday sun

Then riddle me this

Oh hobbit you

Why can't

any of you get through

but I am


Magic, will spells

Now he's back a wealthy man.

Passing on he surely can.

The fellowship has come to be

Protecting all from the sacred ring

The bond is broke

Gandalf too


Watches from his tower view

Smeagal good

He lead the way


Mount Doom's not a safer place Orcs shout

for mordor

But Sam doesn't feel well.

They travel forth, can't wait to see.

Frodo, Sam and company.

In the meantime, battles fought.

And Frodo has been surely caught

Frodo's saved

they finally get

To the top of

The mountain of doom, loss and death.

They've come to parish

The sacred ring

They do, but Frodo ends up losing a finger

Oh well

Middle-earth is safe again.