Dericonis Part 1

'I don't know what I'm going to do with that boy', thought 37 year old Christopher Scott, about his 17 year old son, Dericonis or Deric for short, when he found his bed empty after grounding him for missing curfew the last three days.

He thought about waking up his wife, Lauren, to tell her about their son and see what she thought they should do, but then decided against it. She had had a long day, n

o need to add more stress. They had had Deric at the young age of 20, he was just starting in medical school, and she had just finished getting her associated degree in business management. They had to live at his parents' house until he finished school and got a job. She went to work after the year she had off to be with the baby. It was tough, but they made it work. They had another child four years later, when Chris had finished medical school, who they named Tyren, and another one 2 years after that, named Harrison and yet another baby boy 3 years afterwards, named Resden, bringing the total up to 4 boys.

Deric was a relatively well behaved boy, up until recently. The three youngest looked up to their big brother, and that's what scared Chris the most. Deric recent behavior has been awful. Lately his son had been getting worse and worse, and he didn't really know what to do with him anymore. Lectures and groundings didn't have any effect on him and either did the addition of chores to do around the house. He was running out of options

Chris thought of how he was raised and knew what his Dad would have done to him had he acted like his son had, he'd have taken him over his knee for a long 'lesson' as his Dad always called the spankings he received up until he moved out at 25. He hadn't spanked Deric since he turned 14 and started grade 9. Maybe that was a mistake, but then he thought his kid was old enough not to need them anymore at that age, but Deric's behavior recently has indicated otherwise.

The 6'3 and muscular, with short dark brown hair and green eyes, Deric knew he probably shouldn't have snuck out, and broke his grounding but there was this sick party and he was the captain of the football team, and dammit he wanted to go. He was sick of his parents always telling him what to do.

"Dude I didn't think you were going to make it," yelled James over the noise of the party, as soon as he walked in. James was 6'4 tall and looks lanky, but actually has quite a bit of muscles. He has brown eyes and shorter, curly brown hair.

"Yeah, I thought you were grounded," said Lucas. Deric and Lucas have been best friends since they were in diapers. Their Dads went to school together, and are still are really good friend. Lucas is 6'3 also and has a more stocky build then Deric. He has light brown hair that goes to his ears and blue eyes.

"I am," he replied as he took the beer that James handed to him and took a swing.

"Your parents let you go?" asked Richard. Richard was the shortest and skinniest of the four, standing at 6'1, 160 lb, he had short black hair with hazel eyes.

"Hell no," Deric replied with a laugh, "What they don't know won't hurt them. I'm surprised your Dad let you go," he added to Richard.

Richard had just recently returned 16. He was really smart and skipped two grades. So he was in the same grade as the other three, grade 12, but younger than them. He became friends with them in grade 3, when he skipped two grades. His Dad, Jake, was a cop, and after losing his wife when his son was only 5 years old, he became a little over protective of his only son.

"He didn't, I'm sleeping at James' tonight," stated Richard.

"I thought your Dad was out of town," said Lucas to James.

James' Dad was a lawyer, and occasionally had to go away on business. His parent had divorced when he was 8 and his Mom's job required her to travel a lot to all sorts of places around the world, so he and his 3 siblings stayed full time with their Dad and just saw her occasionally. He has an older brother, Rodrick, who just graduated and two younger sisters, Mira and Deserray, who are 14 and 12.

"He is, Uncle Jake just doesn't know that," said James with a smile.

Ever since they became friends back in grade 3, their parental had been close as well. They are like aunts and uncles so that's what they boys call each other's parents.

"So Lucas is the only one who actually had permission to come here?" asked Deric with a laugh.

"Well I had permission to go out of the house, I just didn't give specifics on what I was doing," said Lucas.

His Dad is the football coach as well as the biology and physics teacher at the high school they all attend. His mother was a manager at a car company. He has a twin sister, named Serenity, a younger brother named Matthew who is 13, and two younger sisters who are 10 and 8, named Crystal and Kira respectively.

"Well now that we all know no one has permission to be here, let's get this party started!" cried Deric as he chugged the beer in his hand and got another one.

'Drunk? Now his kid was coming home drunk? Oh, this is the last straw,' thought Christopher as he watched his son stumble through the front door just after 2:30 am. He really wanted to take the kid over his knee know and spank him until he couldn't even cry from the pain. But he didn't for two reasons, first because Deric was drunk, and this discussion would probably be more effective if he waited till he was sober, and secondly he knew that he couldn't be this angry when he dealt with his son, he needed to calm down, hopefully he would be able to after a good night's sleep.

"Come on, let's get you to bed," Christopher said as he led his son to his room.

Deric was so out of it, that he didn't even say anything as his Dad undressed him to just his boxers and put him to bed. He was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Chris just stood there looking at his baby for a little while. He looked so innocent when he slept, that it was amazing that it waste same kid who was such a brat when awake. He placed a kiss on his son's forehead. "Goodnight, I love you, even when you cause me grey hair," he said to the sleeping form as he slowly left the room, and went to his own. Good thing tomorrow was Saturday and he didn't have to work.

"Get up," Chris ordered as he shook his hangover son awake at 10am the next morning to get some Advil and fluids into him.

Derek groaned and rolled over onto his stomach.

"Hurry up, just take this, then you can go back to sleep," Chris said. When Deric still didn't move, he swatted the bum in front of him.

Deric yelped. Then rolled back over and opened his eyes, only to close them again. The light made his pounding head hurt worse.

"Come on kid, you'll fell better once you take these and drink this," Chris said indicating to the Advil and water in his hands.

Deric finally agreed and took the two things before rolling over to go back to sleep. Hopefully when he woke up next he wouldn't feel so bad anymore.

Then Chris let Deric go back to sleep, he needed him in top condition for the talk that they were going to have that afternoon.

A couple hours latter Chris went up to wake his son up. He had sent the rest of the family out. Lauren had to do some grocery shopping so he just sent the other three boys with her.

When he got to his sons room he gently shook his shoulder until Deric began to stir. "Get up. Meet me in my study in five minutes, we have to discuss your punishment," Chris said then waited for the nod to leave.

Deric got out of bed and pulled on a pair of sleep pants and a t-shirt from his floor before making his way down to his Dads study. When he got there, he saw his Dad standing in the middle of the room. They stood there for a couple of minutes just staring at each other before Chris spoke.

"Seen as how grounding you hasn't had any effect on your behaviour, I think we are going to have to resort to how I used to punish you," Chris said as he took a seat on the couch.

When Deric saw his Dad take the all too familiar position he began to protest, "Dad I'm too old," as he backed away from his Dad.

"You're too old, when you act to old, and your behaviour lately has practically been begging for this. Now get over here, let's get this done before your Mom and brothers get home," Chris said as he tried to hold on to his patience.

"Dad please," Deric tried one more time.

"No, now get over here, before you make it worse for yourself."

Deric still didn't move.

"Young man, if I have to come get you, you will not like the consequences. Get over here now! I'm done with your defiance, Dericonis."

'Oh shit, I'm getting the full name, this can't be good' Deric thought to himself. He didn't know how this situation could get worse, but he decided to do what his Dad asked so he wouldn't have to find out. He slowly made his was over to his Dads side. When he got within reach, Chris grabbed his arm and pulled him closer.

"Thank you for finally doing what I asked," Chris said as he pulled him over his knees.

Once he was situated to his liking. He stared to pull his sons pajama pants down.

As soon as he felt his father's hand at the waste of his pants, he started to struggle.

"No!" he frantically exclaimed, "Not bare!"

"Stop that," his father rebuked as he delivered a sharp swat to his backside, then continued, "Yes bare, that's how spankings are deliver in this house, it hasn't been that long, I'm sure you still remember that. Now settle down," he said as he gave the bottom over his lap another hard swat, and then continued to pull his pants and boxers down to his son's knees. He then wrapped his left arm around Deric's waste to secure him in place and got ready to begin.

Deric groaned and hid his face in his hands. The last time he was in this position was over two years earlier. His Dad had stopped spanking him when he turned 14, but he still remembered it like it was yesterday. Not that he would ever admit it but his behaviour was kinda asking for it. He was brought out if his thoughts by a hard smack to his bare bum. He gasped more from the shock then the pain. Then he decided that he would take his punishment like a man, this was a child's punishment how bad can it be? Oh boy was he wrong, before long he was gasping and struggling to get away from the sharp swats, but no matter how he twisted, turned or even kicked, the swats landed right where his Dad wanted them to on his poor bottom.

'Come on kid just give in already,' Chris silently begged his son. He always waited until they gave in to the punishment until he started the lecturing portion of the punishment for any of his boys. If he did it before, then they wouldn't listen. He hated punishing any if his sons, he hated to be the reason that they were in pain, but they had to learn, and hopefully this would be the last time he would have to do this for a while. He wanted his sons to grow up to be good men and wanted his eldest to stop being such a spoiled brat. So with that in mind he tipped his son forward and renewed his efforts to get though to his thick headed son, through his bottom.

"No please!" cried Deric when his Dad tipped him forward exposing his tender sit spots to the hard punishing swats of his father's hand. He knew he wouldn't last much longer without breaking down.

As the swats kept coming, he slowly felt himself giving in to the tears that he tried so hard to hold back.

"Daddy please no more!"

He was always Daddy at this point and it was a sign that his son was giving in. As soon as he heard his son start to cry, he started lecturing him as he kept up with the hard spanks.

"Your behaviour as of late SWAT has been appalling SWAT and I'm not just talking about last night SWAT you have been rude SWAT to your mother and me SWAT and to your brothers, SWAT they look up to you, SWAT you need to be a better role model for them SWAT. And last night you broke your grounding, SWAT again, SWAT and then got drunk SWAT. You are underage, SWAT that is illegal and not to mention dangerous SWAT. You have also been a very disobedient, SWAT spoiled, SWAT bratty, SWAT naughty, little boy SWAT. Your behaviour needs to change SWAT and it needs to change now SWAT do you understand me, Dericonis? SWAT," Chris lectured his eldest son.

"Yes Daddy! Ow I'm sorry!" cried Deric.

Chris response was to deliver 10 more hard swats right to his sit spots. Then it was done. Deric just laid over his lap sobbing. Chris gently replaced his boxers and ran his hand up and down his sons back in soothing circles saying sweet nothingness trying to get him to calm down. After a little while, Deric stopped sobbing, but was still crying pretty hard, he then seemed to realize that it was over and tried to get up. Chris just manhandled him so he was sitting on his lap with his bottom not touching anything. He continued to comfort his son. Once Deric's tears were reduced to just the occasional sniffle, Chris began to talk.

"All right things are going to be different from now on, for the entire family. Tonight once everyone gets back, we will have a family meeting and discuss these changes. For now, all you need to know is that your behaviour has been unacceptable and I won't stand for it anymore. Groundings and taking away privileges hasn't worked, so we're going to go back to the old fashion spankings. No don't say anything," Chris said when he saw that Deric was going to interrupt, "You don't have a say in this. Now for the next month you will be spanked ever time you misbehave, even for the minor things that you boys will not usually be spanked for, so you better be in your best behaviour and take this time to think about how you should act, or you will have trouble sitting. Once the month is over you will only be spanked for the major things that we will go over during our meeting so there is no ambiguity about what is expected of you boys. We will also be going over all the rules and consequences for breaking them during the meeting also, so no one can claim ignorance. You got that?"

"So I will be sp... punished like that for every little thing I do wrong?" Deric asked not wanting to say that word.

"Just for this next month, yes," replied Chris

"That's not fair," Deric whined.

"Not fair? Dericonis you have been acting like a right brat for the last couple of months, I think one month's grounding with spankings for your misbehaviours is being lenient, we can make it two months if you like," Chris warned.

"No, one is fine," Deric mumbled.

"That's my good boy," praised Chris as he tightened his hold on Deric and dropped a kiss on the head tucked under his chin. They stayed like that for a little while. Chris was content on holding his first born close and Deric content to be comforted, for now.

"Alright, you should lie down for a quick nap before supper," Chris said as a suggestion but it was clear that it wasn't.

Deric was kinda tired from all the crying he did, so he agreed and got off his Dad's lap. He gently pulled up his pants and followed his father to his room while rubbing his sore behind.

"In to bed," Chris ordered as he lifted the blankets up for Deric to get into bed.

Deric did, on his stomach if course. As his Dad pulled up the blankets around his shoulders, he turned his head to look at his Dad.

"I really am sorry, Daddy," he said sounding so much like the little well punished boy that he once had been, that look pulled in Chris heart strings.

"I know baby boy, and you're forgiven," he said planting a kiss on Deric's forehead. "I'll wake you for supper," he added as he left the room and closed the door behind him. Deric was asleep within minutes.

Deric awoke to his bed bouncing. He was still on his stomach so he rolled over to see who was there. That was a mistake because as soon as his tender bum made contact with the bed his hissed and rolled back over.

"He did! I told you Dad spanked him," he heard the voice of his middle brother, 11-year-old Harrison or Harry, exclaimed from the foot of his bed.

"No way! I still don't believe it," said his ever-sceptical oldest youngest brother, 13-year-old Tyren, from the same area.

He then felt someone on his legs. He looked over his shoulder and sure enough, there was his youngest brother, 8-year-old Resden, looking up at him with huge eyes. He dropped his head back on his pillow with a groan.

"What do you guys want?" He asked slightly annoyed at the topic of conversation. He rolled onto his side to better face his brothers, dislodging Resden in the process.

"Did Dad really spank you?" asked Resden as he sat up beside Deric.

"That is none of your business," he replied. Then without warning, he felt a sharp smack on his already sore bottom. He yelped then jumped out of bed to glare angrily at Tyren who had smacked him.

"No way! He did! I can't believe it!" said Tyren disbelievingly.

"Shut up!" Deric hissed when two oldest of the three broke into laughter. Resden just kept staring at him with his mouth wide open.

"Whatever laugh all you want, I don't care," he said as he angrily stalked over to his closet to find something to wear besides his sleep wear, which only made his two brothers laugh harder. Resden, who was in a state of shock to find out that his big brother was punished the same way he was, still didn't move.

It was one thing to actually be spanked as his age, but a complete other for other people to know about it, even if it was his brothers who he knew still got spanked. Deric grabbed a pair of jeans off of the floor and a clean t-shirt.

"What did you do?" asked Harry curiously,

"Yeah, Dad seeded kinda angry this morning. Then after lunch he told us that we had to go shopping with Mom this afternoon," Resden added getting over his shock.

"I bet it was something real bad, cause Dad hasn't spanked you for a while, I thought he said he was going to stop spanking us when we entered high school," said Harry, slightly disappointed. He was looking forward to when he was too old to be spanked, it now looked like that time would be a long ways away.

Tyren was trying to figure out what Deric did to make their Dad change his mind, then it dawned on him, "Hey weren't you grounded? Did you break your grounding?" he asked excitedly then when Deric didn't answer he continued, "You did! Aww man I bet Dad was furious!" he then broke down into laughter again,

"That is none of you business" Deric finally replied.

"Are you still grounded?" asked Resden then he continued without waiting for an answer, "I hope so, cause your around more when you are."

Then before Deric could respond, they heard their Mom calling for them, "Boys! Supper!" and Resden was gone. The other two left more slowly, they both still had huge grins on their faces at what they had learned.

Deric signed and quickly changed into the clothes he had picked out, and then followed his brothers downstairs to the kitchen.

When he got to the kitchen, he was pulled into his mother's arms

"Hey baby, how you doing?" She asked him. She called them all baby and when they complained she would just say that at they are all her babies so they just gave up and let her call them that.

"Okay I guess," he replied.

"Hmmmm that's good, but if you ever do anything like that again I have a wooden spoon that could be put to use," she warned her eldest with her 'Mom' look.

"Yes Mom," he was pretty sure that his kind, 5"9' mother wouldn't actually do that, but he wasn't about to take his chances either, she could be quite scary when angered.

"Alright, let's eat!" Lauren said as she released her eldest.

Everyone sat down and Deric couldn't quite make eye contact with his Dad and squirmed more than normal, but other than that supper commenced as it normally did with the youngest three doing most if the talking. Once supper was done, and all the dishes were cleaned and put away, Chris spoke up.

"Okay, you guys have half an hour to do whatever, then we meet in the family room for a family meeting, okay?" He asked. He wanted some time to talk to his wife before they had the meeting to make sure they were on the same page.

Once the four boys answered in affirmative, they were dismissed. They all started up the stairs to go to their own rooms.

"Deric, will you help me with my math homework?" asked Resden hopefully. He didn't really need help, he just wanted to spend with his biggest brother. He practically worshiped the ground Deric walked on.

"Yeah sure thing," replied Deric. He realized that he hadn't spent much time with his brothers lately. "Then maybe we can all play cards or something," he suggested.

The other three agreed, so that's what they did, until the half hour was up.

Once Chris and Lauren were done discussing what they wanted to talk about in the family meeting, they went to get their boys. The sight they came across was surprising yet very welcoming. There, on their youngest son's floor, was their four boys playing some kind of card game.

"Sorry to interrupt your game, but it's time for our meeting now," Chris said. As the boys walked past him he put an arm out to stop Deric for a second, as the other three went downstairs.

"I'm proud of you kid, I'm glad you're making an effort," he said as he pulled him into a hug.

Deric didn't say anything as he put his arms around is Dad and laid his head on his shoulder. Chris wasn't surprised by his sons actions, he was always more quiet and clingy after a spanking. Tomorrow he would be back to normal.

After a couple of minutes, they went and joined the family in the sitting room. The four boys squished into the couch and their patents stood in front of it.

"Alright, we are going to go over the rules and consequences again so everyone is on the same page," started Chris, "In this house there will be no lying, or disobedience of any kind. You boys also will not be disrespectful or swear. There will be no putting oneself or others in danger, or fighting with one another or with others. You will also mind your curfew that is set for you. These rules are none negotiable as are the consequences for breaking any if there rules. Lying, direct disobedience and fighting with each other will cause the guilty partly a trip over my knee and a grounding for an amount of time that we deem appropriate. No exceptions. Swearing will get your mouth washed out with soap. The rest will get you either a grounding or spanking or a combination of both. For minor things like forgetting to do chores will get you grounded. Any questions so far?"

Deric wanted to jump up and complain about the rules and the unfairness of it all, but the twinge in his rear reminded him why that was not such a good idea. So he, like his brothers, said nothing.

"Okay good. These are the main rules, there are also others like no cheater and stealing, that I didn't think I needed to mention. You boys know what's acceptable and what's not. If you think something might be questionable, either don`t do it, or ask. Got that?" Chris asked.

When he got three nods he continued, "Good, break any rules and you get punished, it's as easy as that. All four of you are good boys," he let out a laugh as three disbelieving heads turned to look at Deric, "Yes, even Deric. You all make mistakes, some more than others," he finished looking in the direction of his eldest. "We just want you boys to grow up to be the best men that you can be. If none of you have any questions," he paused and when the four boys shook their heads he continued, "Then I think that concludes this meeting."

The four boys got up of the couch, and started to leave. "You guys want to watch a movie tonight?" Chris asked before the boys got too far.

"Yeah!" the three youngest exclaimed.

"Is Deric going to watch too?" Resden asked, looking at his big brother with big puppy dog eyes.

"Sure why not," said Deric, how could he say no when Resden looked like that?

Later that night, when Deric was in bed, he laid there for a while thinking about all that had happened that day. He was kind of mad at his Dad for spanking him like a little boy, but if he was completely honest with himself, he would have to admit that he may have left his parents no other choice. And his Dad did comfort him after. It was nice to be held and to be told that he's loved. Lately he had been feeling like every time that his Dad spoke to him it was to reprimand him, so this was a nice change. Despite all these feeling, he wasn't ready to give up his rebellious ways quite yet. It was going to be a long month.